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Your lie in April (Anime Review)

Name of anime: Your lie in April

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Musical

Number of episodes: 22

Review: There are two types of sad anime, one which ends in such an enchanting way which will make you cry; and other is the one which, on ending, will create a really bad sense of pain and guilt in your heart, we most likely avoid watching the second type of sad anime. ‘Your lie in April’ is maybe that anime which, with its charismatic sense of romance and pain, will make you cry or at least leave a sense of satisfaction in your heart. The story focuses on Kousei, Kaori, Watari and Tsubaki. Kousei is a piano prodigy, who because of his late mother’s harsh practice, can no longer hear the notes of his piano. He has now quit practicing piano and is now friends with Tsubaki and Watari. One day, he was told to accompany Tsubaki and Watari, as Watari was going to meet a girl who says to be in love with him and Tsubaki doesn’t wants to be a third wheel; that’s when Kaori appears. According to me, Kousei fell for Kaori at the first time he saw her. On hearing about Kousei’s form slump, Kaori decides to make him better by making Kousei his accompanist. Even though Kousei was not able to deliver much praise to Kaori, she still insists on making him his accompanist. What happens next takes us for a joyride for a few episodes, but then, the creator puts a really awful twist by making Kaori the victim of a strange disease, which seems to be fatal. She does her best to recover and also promises to share the stage with Kousei once again, but unfortunately Kousei is left behind in the world as Kaori takes off to heaven. Kousei realises that his ability of not being able to hear his piano notes is not a curse, but a blessing. He continues to play piano and aims to become a professional some day. ‘Your lie in April’ for me, is the second anime which has made me cry . I recommend this anime to all the music and romance lovers out there. Even though its ending is full of tears, it will surely find an ideal spot in your collection.

Weakness: This anime is too good to point out any of its mistakes. But still the only thing that hurts me in the plot the ending; of course! The creators might have had better ideas, but still the viewers are sure to be heart broken by its shocking ending.

Best scene: To be honest, there are bundles of great scene for me in this anime, but I can’t mention all of it. But today, I’ll choose to best scenes, both of which come at the last episode.
1) When Kaori shares the stage with Kousei and Kousei realizes that she is no more.
2) When Kaori narrates the letter to Kousei and tells him that she loves him.

Rating: This is maybe the only anime, which has not used any kissing scene but still has managed to be on the top 5 of my romantic anime list. I rate it 8 out of 10.


14 thoughts on “Your lie in April (Anime Review)”

  1. I keep saying this but don’t you just love Tsubaki? A major element in the story!
    This is one of the best romance anime there… Have you read The Coda of it? It is like a backstory and I think you’ll enjoy it!

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    1. When I started watching this anime, I actually wanted to pair up Tsubaki and Watari as Kaori and Arima were already a thing for me. But to be honest, in the end I still wish for Tsubaki to be with Arima. (Because you know, Childhood love rocks!)

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