Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, Supernatural

Yamada-kun and the seven witches (Anime Review)

Name of anime: Yamada-kun and the seven witches

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Harem, Fantasy, Supenatural

No. of episodes: 12

Review: Supernatural anime, whenever you hear these two words, you imagine, other world, great magic, mind blowing techniques, enchanting spells and a world that has been almost ruined or a place which is far from human imagination. But this anime, on the other hand allows you to relieve how a normal fantasy can be, without all those things mentioned above. The story is about a delinquent, with a kind and soft corner in his heart, Yamada who literally doesn’t gives a shit about what the teachers say and the school. On the other hand we have Shiraishi, who is an honor student and incredibly emotionless. One day, Yamada finds that he has swapped bodies with Shiraishi, and is now trapped there. But somehow, being a genius, Shiraishi figures out a way to go back to their bodies; that is, by kissing. That was actually a really different angle to think with, but this angle was able to win several hearts. Later, they decide to revieve the supernatural club and as the plot develops, they discover that there are six other witches in the school campus with a quality of their own. It’s actually fun to watch who those witches are as even though they at first seems to be enemies, they end up falling for him. The story doesn’t has a ‘Villain’ or antagonist because most of them in the end falls for him. The student council president is maybe the only one who was in a slight negative role. As the plot evolves, six other witches are also introduced to the story and all of their power can be activated only when Yamada kisses them. As I said, it’s a perfectly normal fantasy, with a small trick to trigger magic; just a deep, passionate kiss. One more positive factor in this anime was the art style, almost every one of the female lead are exceptionally beautiful.

Weakness: There are pretty normal mistakes in the anime.
1) Even though Shiraishi claims to not have any feelings for Yamada at first, every person is a little hesitant or shy while kissing, even if they are couples. That’s a big mistake; because she doesn’t seem to be a tiny bit hesitant.
2) The student council president knows all the secret about where the witches are then, why didn’t he knew or took action against the witch who was using her power to make an army of guys, even willing to lick her feet.
3) The ending wasn’t really great. Normally, an anime becomes great only because of its nail biting or interesting ending. But this anime on the other hand, really makes it very normal by making Shiraishi say that she loves Yamada; and that’s all.

Best scene: For me the best scene in this anime is when Yamada uses all of his concentration to wish for Shiraishi to regain her memories.

Rating: This anime is actually pretty normal and highly recommended for harem lovers. I rate this anime 7 out of 10

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