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Bakemonogatari (Anime Review)

Name of anime: Bakemonogatari

Genre: Occult fiction, Romance, Ecchi, Comedy, Action, Harem

No of episodes: 15

Review: What do you call an anime which is full of symbolism narration? Bakemonogatari. It has really been a while since I have seen so much imagery, but the negative part was that it makes the series a little too difficult to understand, espescially for those who are not that into occult fiction. There was one thing that confused me throughout the series, the use of Black scene and Red scene that kept on appearing as the episode continued. Anyway, the story is about a guy, Araragi, who seems to have had a rough spring as he was converted into a vampire. But thanks to Oshino, an exorcist, he was able to be normal except the fact that he can recover from any injury real fast. Araragi is way too kind and it was his kindness that leads to him getting engaged with several people who have some problems related to supernatural stuff. This anime tells us about the problems that he solved with the help of Oshino, namely, the problem of Senjougahara, Tsubasa, Hachikuji, Nadeko and Kanbaru. But still, the story, the suspense and the little ecchi moments compells us to keep on watching the whole anime.

Weakness: The weaknesses of this anime makes it difficult to understand and makes it one of those animes which are not very popular:
1) The visual imagery are way too much, this stops us from concentrating on the dialogues and we get a little too hooked up on what’s being displayed on the screen.
2) The plot doesn’t actually has any kind of surprise as no matter what, Araragi keeps getting engaged with supernatural beings.
3) What really happened with Araragi during Spring break was not clearified. But I do hope that it will be in the next seasons.

Best scene: Being said that the anime hardly has anything new going on, I like the scene when Hachikuji founds out her house and happily rushes into the abandoned plot saying, “I’m back!”

Ratings: Well, the only thing that makes this anime better is, as I said before, its story, suspense and Rom-ecchi scenes. That’s why I rate it 6.5 out of 10.

Thanks again for reading this review, I will try to watch and review as much anime as I can. Till next time then, take care.

Ur admin,
Ryuji Tatsuya

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