Death note (Anime Review)


8Name of anime: Death note

Genre: Action, Detective, Fantasy

No. of episodes:

Review: When someone starts watching anime, it should be the one which he/she could be proud of and can say, “Yes! My first anime was….” That’s what I say when someone asks me my first anime, Yup! It was ‘Death Note’. This anime’s plot is one of the greatest psychological plots ever. It doesn’t focus on the protagonist or the correct side, and lets him win or lose every time; it balances the mental strength of both the main characters. The story, (Maybe all of you know but I have to say it again), focuses on Light Yagami, a genius high school student who aspires to be the defender of justice, but being a genius in studies, IQ and sports; he found his life very boring. But the twist came when he found a book which has the ability to kill anyone whose name is written on it that said, some rules were to be followed to kill someone. When Light found its ability and cross checked it, he decided to eliminate every criminal and become the ‘GOD OF THE NEW WORLD’. He starts killing criminals and immediately catches the attention of world’s greatest detective, L, and that’s when their war of brilliance in logic starts. Some new characters are brought in it, but all the attention are rightly stolen by these to protagonists. ‘Death Note’ was always and will always be my favorite detective anime. It is a kind of anime, which you never get tired of even if you know the result and by the end of the series you get this sudden inspiration of becoming a detective. (When I finished watching this, I was so inspired that I pretended to be L; and miraculously, the BGM of the series always tuned in my mind whenever I tried to solve a case)

Weakness: Even the greatest anime has some great weakness. Here are some of the weaknesses of this anime:
1) The inclusion of Misa Amane, even though was important, gave the plot an unnecessary sense of stupidity.
2) When L gets killed, his successor, Near, was not able to draw as much attention as he did.
3) The story becomes tremendously monotonous after episode 24, that is, when L gets killed.

Best scene: Personally, every scene of this anime is great; before L dies. But I think, the best scene for me was when L says to Light at the university opening ceremony, “I want to tell you that I’m L” By god, Man! That’s so cool!

Rating: Thanks to Misa’s unimportant stupidity and Near’s lack of succession power, I rate this anime 7 out of 10, even though it is a good anime.


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