Mysterious girlfriend X (Anime Review)


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Name of anime: Mysterious Girlfriend X

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Ecchi

Number of episodes: 13

Review: Before you say anything else, I’m gonna warn you guys. If you think that you are a hardcore anime lover and won’t stop watching an anime until you finish it, THEN ONLY watch this anime. If you survive for the first three episodes, then this anime is sure to leave a big impact on your heart. The only problem is that….. It’s gross. Yup, you heard it right, this anime’s one scene is pretty gross, but surprisingly, after a few episodes, that scene becomes perfectly normal, interesting isn’t it? The story focuses on Tsubaki and a girl named Urabe. Urabe is a transfer student, who gets tagged as a weirdo on the very first day due to her unusual attitude of sleeping in the class and being a loner. One day, Tsubaki wakes Urabe up when everyone has already gone home and tells her to go too. When she went home, Tsubaki sucked (Be careful her) Urabe’s drool which was left on the desk (Ewwwwwwww!) After that incident, somehow, his condition started deteorating. Lastly, Urabe said that he has became so attached to that drool that now if he doesn’t tastes it, then his body will start becoming sick. From that day, Tsubaki started tasting her drool every day, and somehow, he becomes the boyfriend of Urabe. This anime is something special. I just can’t understand that what is so special about it that it has left such a deep impact over me. So, you guys watch this anime, if you too feel the same connection then tell me why you liked it.

Weakness: These weaknesses have made this anime weak to gain the first spot. But if a second season is created, then this anime is pretty sure to gain the first spot and overthrow Toradora from my list.
1) The drool exchange, even though is a pretty important part of the anime, is pretty gross. As a result, many anime viewers stop watching it thinking it to be one of those, Ewww, anime.
2) It was not clearified why they can sense each other’s feeling just by tasting the drools. That’s actually a big question.
3) Is the girl an alien? I dunno, but everytime I saw her behavior and that drool thing made me believe that she is an alien. What’s more? She even has an UFO shaped key chain. I’m pretty sure that she is. Well, we will see that if a new season is created.

Best scene: No kissing scene, No hugging scene. But still, what an anime! So what’s my best scene? It’s when Urabe shows her face for the first time. (NOTE: Her face is usually covered by her hair)

Rating: With so many faults, without any kissing or hugging scene and having a big doubt of a second season, this anime was sure to be at the bottom of my list. But magically, it stands as the second best anime of my choice. I give it 8.5 out of 10. Still can’t understand why.


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