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Waiting in the Summer (Anime Review)


Name of the Anime: Waiting in the summer

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Sci-fi

No. of episodes: 12

Review: Now, one of my favorite genres is romance, and I don’t like it when someone spoils it with shitty images and worthless plot. If the plot is good, there’s a love triangle and a good chemistry between the couples; you got me. ‘Waiting in the summer’ is one of those animes which has provided all the spices and chemistry required between two lovely characters. The story has a good plot. Its main focus is on a group of 6 friends (Ichika, Kaito, Kanna, Tetsuro, Mio and Lemon) who decided to shoot a film in their summer vacation. The main female character, Ichika is an alien who came to earth to see scenery; but she falls in love with the main male character, Kai, instead. What I like about this anime is that, they are not afraid to show the most important content of any romantic anime, kissing scene. Yes, the kissing scene in the anime was spot on and in the right moment. ‘Waiting in the summer’ also shows one of the biggest love webs, I have ever seen. Mio loves Tetsuro, who loves Kanna, Kanna loves Kaito and Kaito loves Ichika. However, only Kaito and Ichika’s love was accepted. But in the end, things take a marvelous turn which doesn’t guarantee a happy ending. But did that stopped them? Watch it to know that. Waiting in the summer is also an anime whose ending will keep asking you, “What will happen next?”

Weakness: This anime has some minor drawbacks:
1) The anime’s last 2 episodes helped the characters find something which was not found even by the aliens for centuries. (Can’t say what that ‘something is XD)
2) The anime’s 2 to 3 episodes was wasted without showing any plot continuity for a simple reason, the girl realized she loved Kaito.

Best scene: Now, as I said earlier; the kissing scenes were the reason for this anime’s success in my eyes, so they were in my favorite scene. But, the best scene goes to the last 4 or 5 seconds of the anime, which changed its fate from an average anime to a good one.

Rating: Thanks to the last 5 seconds, this anime was successful in entering to my top 20 list. It gets 7.5 out of 10.

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