Chihayafuru (Anime Review)

Name of anime: Chihayafuru

No. of episodes: 25

Genre: Sports, Romance, Love-triangle, Comedy

Review: Sports anime, a genre in anime society which guarantees quality plot almost 90% times. It has successfully lived up to its expectation in this anime too, but remember that I said that the plot is good, as for the animation style and all other components……. WHO LEFT THE OTOME LENSE ON?? I will come to that later (Suspense XD) This anime focuses on a girl named Chihaya who is never good at anything; her only dream is to see her big sis become the best model. However, one day she comes across this guy, Arata who is a prodigy in Karuta (Traditional Japanese poetry card game) but since this game is not that popular in Tokyo, he is often teased in the class as his true capability is unknown. Chihaya after knowing about his extraordinary capability becomes interested in Karuta and decides to play as a team in the upcoming tournament with his other friend Taichi, who also is the part of the love triangle game with Arata. But, things don’t go as smoothly as we plan coz Arata had to move back to his hometown Fukui and Taichi decided to get admitted to a prestigious middle school. After 4 years, fate reunites Taichi and Chihaya and together they start the Karuta club. Many other characters such as Nishida, Komano and Kana are the members in that club. What I like about this anime is that it portrayed the strong players Shinobu, the queen and Arata with certain scenery, like when Shinobu was in action the scenery seemed to be ice cold while during Arata’s play, the scenery was like Deep Ocean.

Weakness: Coming back to what I said earlier, WHO LEFT THE OTOME LENSE ON?:
1) There is at least one scene in which everything is sparkling in every 5 minutes.
2) As usual, this anime also has some really stupid pause moments.
3) The major weakness in this anime, which is common in all sports anime, is that there are some really long dialogues where there was no need of it.

Best scene: This anime has some really good scenes. The best scene in this one was when Arata, Taichi and Chihaya get reunited again after a gap of 4 years in Fukui. I don’t know why I like it, coz it wasn’t romantic or emotional but still, it has some strange feeling with it.

Rating: To be honest, I like the second season of this anime more than this one, I will tell you why in the next review; but this season did a pretty good job too, so I rate it 8 out of 10.

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