Watamote (Anime Review)

Name of anime: Watamote

No. of episodes: 12

Genre: Comedy, Parody, Slice-of-life

Review: We often hear about parody anime, but do we know what they exactly are? A straightforward answer will be that it’s a remake of the original story or scenario with a different, or in most case, embarrassing conclusion. ‘Watamote’ is an anime which has parodied the usual cliché in anime where even the most silent girl gets many friends and a boyfriend in high school. But in reality, getting even a friend is like a bonus….. well… at least for me. This anime focuses on Tomoko who is a master in dating simulations and decides to do well in her high school debut, but just like every unsocial girl, she failed to get any friends and was forced to become a loner. The story doesn’t has a definite antagonist or a plot, the only thing that continues is the series of facepalm moments that we experience with the plot continuity. Well if this anime had something to give us, it would be the guilt and pity feelings for Tomoko.

Weakness: Quite a troublesome anime is all I can say for intro:
1) Tomoko always gets pushed into some really embarrassing moment to such an extent that I felt guilty of even having friends.
2) Tomoko’s character was made too shy, so shy that I bet not even Sawako will win against her shyness.
3) No one except her best friend in middle school seems to like her…. Why? Well I’m searching for it too

Best scene: Instead of best, I would say the biggest hilarious-cum-facepalm moment. In one episode, she bought a massager, a yaoi game and went home to play it. After reaching home, she turned the massager on and played the game. Accidentaly she fell asleep just when the yaoi game was in…. ahem.. action. That’s when her father comes in and he sees that Tomoko is asleep with the massager in her hand, clothes messed up and yaoi eroge on her computer…….

Rating: Thanks to the ‘I can relate to that’ scenes, Watamote managed to get 5 out of 10. Well, barely passed, that’s all I can say.

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