My Top 10 anime kisses

My best anime kisses

Outstanding story, blazing action scenes, heart warming emotions and an amazing art style. No other form of entertainment can get us this much hooked up and also help us build our knowledge in life experience before the harsh reality kicks in; This is Anime. But what makes anime, Anime is its really amazing kissing scenes.

Disney animations has been keeping up with Anime with really good romance and kissing scenes, but the crown of romance is always with Japanese anime. So without further ado lets focus on my top 10 anime kisses!

#10: Yuno X Yuki (Future Diary)

This scene was pretty heart warming. Yuno realises that no matter what, she could not bring herself to kill her beloved Yuki, and just as everyone thought the Yandere will finish Yuki off, there was an amaizing turn of events and Yuno lies there stabbed in the stomach. Before departing, however, they shared this kiss and promised the eternal love which was more red than blood.

#9: Shizuku X Haru (My little monster)

“What exactly does a kiss feels like, well lets try it *Chuu~~*”, I hope you have not thought about doing that; but Haru here sure did. While Shizuku was having a usual talk with the strange Haru, he came up and kissed her for atleast 10 seconds (Maybe one of the longest anime kisses) and then his reaction, “It’s not that fun…” XD

#8: Inaba X Taichi (Kokoro Connect)

Kokoro connect, an anime with much romance but without many kissing scenes. But the only two kisses that takes place here are with Taichi. Interesting fact about this was that Taichi’s first kiss was with Nanase, the only change was that Nanase was in Inaba’s body. So, to take ‘Revenge’ Inaba returmed the favour by kissing Taichi. I would also appreciate ‘Revenges’ like that 😉

#7: Natsume X Harutora (Tokyo Raven)

After much sacrifices and chilling fights, when finally Natsume gets her life back, she finds herself lying in the bed while Harutora was sitting beside him. Natsume, his beloved queen, was finally there up and doing, what could possibly be more significant than a kiss. So, Harutora leaned forward and shared a impactful kiss with Natsume, before parting away.

#6: Saeko X Takashi (High School of the Dead)

This anime is quite ecchi and it spills in ecchi scenes for no apparent reason, so there was no scope for any heart warming romantic situations. But, in the OVA, Saeko finally admits it that she wants Takashi to see her as his woman and lo, the kiss takes place. What next? Well… ahem….. more ecchi scenes, of course!

#5: Asuna X Kirito (Sword Art Online)

The deadly battle between the good and the evil ends, with Kirito finally being able to get to Asuna. Even though there were repeated attempt in the real world to stop him, he remained victorious. And by taking a vow to be with Asuna forever and love her with all his heart, Kirito finally closes the curtains of the first season by kissing Asuna.

#4: Mei X Yamato (Say, I love you)

From this position on, all the animes have kissing scenes which makes our heart race and leave a feeling of immense pain in our heart. In this anime, Mei loses her mind for the first time and finally asks Yamato, what exactly is the difference between this kiss he offers to Mei and the others. His answer? Well, pretty easy, he kisses Mei 5 times and at last says this is how he kisses everybody else and lastly by giving another deep kiss, he says that’s the kiss that only Mei gets to have.

#3: Kouko X Banri (Golden Time)

Even though, Kouko said that she doesn’t likes Banri anymore, it wasn’t true, because no matter what, Banri has already became an essential part of Kouko’s life. When Banri runs towards her and finally tells her that he remembers everything about her and will never forget her again. Kouko, overjoyed with her luck and faith in love, leaps and kisses Banri, truly a marvellous scene.

#2: Kurisu X Okabe (Stiens;Gate)

After going through several time loops to save Miko, he finally was able to let Miko live but by then the future was that Kurisu will not be able to live anymore and will die. Even though he doesn’t wants that, Kurisu insists on having that future. But an important question arises, does she likes Okabe? The answer to that….. “Close your eyes” and then there was just a deep, romantic kiss.

#1: Taiga X Ryuuji (Toradora!)

The Tsundere girl finally realised and also made Ryuji realise that they were madly in love with each other, so much that they can run even to the end of the world only to be with each other. Then, they should get married. But what happens in a marriage ceremony? Then, let’s try that. And thus, even though the first kiss felt like a dry wilderness for Taiga, it was also very warm and her felt like it will melt, so let’s have one more kiss….. One more…. One more… and the scene ends. But still all the viewers were like, “One more Ryuuji, kiss Taiga one more time” That’s the beauty of this anime, and this makes this kissing scene the best kiss till date.


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