Future Diary (Anime Review)


Name of anime: Future diary

Genre: Action, Romance, Comedy, Nudity, Fantasy, Gore

No. of episodes: 26

Review: Yandere… You don’t know what that means? Then watch ‘Future diary’. Maybe…. It gives u the most vivid description possible for a yandere character. Maybe you all know that gore is not really my genre. But if it gets punched with some RomCom and some hot spice :3 then why not? Anyways, the main focus of the story is on a guy named Yuki and his over insecure (That’s what I think she is) stalker Yuno. Yuki, has an ‘imaginary’ friend Deus X Machina, who gives him a mobile with a diary that can predict future. Yuki becomes really happy with his new power but things aren’t as good as it seems. It is actually a game, Kill or be Killed, where 11 others are also given diff. types of diaries to survive in this contest. The winner gets to become God. But things get a good turn for Yuki when Yuno, his psychopath stalker, also gets one of the diaries and decides to save him from other diary users. But will everything be alright? As in the end only one should survive? Who will it be? Watch to know.

Weakness: Since gore is not my favorite genre, I’m gonna be picky about this anime.
1) Why did Yuno tried to kill Yuki’s mom, even though she was being good to her?
2) A new guy gets added in the end (I forgot his name… Ayase maybe) who, for no reason, kisses Yuki in the end. Hah! Gay!
3) Ending. Yup! Was it really THAT important to show a sad ending where Yuki kills Yuno and he becomes the loneliest God ever? Think about it.


Best scene: Well for me, the best scene is when they become one. Nah! I’m just kidding. The best scene is when Yuno was dying but she tells Yuki to kiss her. For once, she was cute.

Rating: Once again, I will say it, I’m not a big fan of gore; but due to their cute and scary RomCom, I rate this anime 6.5 out of 10.



2 thoughts on “Future Diary (Anime Review)”

  1. Good review of a surprisingly well-plotted anime! I was turned off at times by the gore too, but there were enough good points to make it all worth it. I agree with the weaknesses you mentioned too, though I don’t remember Yuno trying to kill Yuki’s mom. Wasn’t that an accident? I thought the ending was depressing too, but there’s an extra OVA episode that gives it a better conclusion.

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    1. I become really strict about animes which has gore scenes so there is a chance that I neglected some good points. As for Yuno’s attempt to kill her mother was not an accident, she tried to kill his mother but when her mother somehow dodged the blow, she named it as an ‘Accident’. I wasn’t able to catch up with the OVA as I was really upset from the ending, however I will try to give it a go. Thanks for reading my review!


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