My Anime Crushes

Every time we think about anime, all that comes in our mind is its beauty. Almost all the animes are praised for its beautiful art and character designs and that’s why anime characters also hold the title for being the crushes of most of the anime viewers in the world. I’m also no exception for that craze and that’s why I present you, my top 10 anime crushes.

Number 10: Kanna Kimishima (Parasyte: The maxim)

Well, my type is generally the hot tomboy girl and if she wears glasses, then………. *Nosebleed* anyway. Kanna is the girl of Parasyte who had the ability to sense Shinichi or should I say, Parasytes. She was only able to hold on to the unrequited love for Shinichi, but for me, she was the best female character of that anime.

Number 9: Shizuku Mizutani (My little monster)

Shy, studious, a little confused with love, and competitive; these four attributes are what made me fall in love with her every time I watched this anime. Even though sometimes I facepalmed at her dense attitude with her feelings, but still I can say that she is one of those normal high school girl with whom I can fall for anytime.

Number 8: Kazusa Touma (White Album 2)

Now, Touma is the definition of a self-sacrificing girl who does this for no reason. I mean she is a prodigy, she has a warm heart and she is good looking (I mean, look at that plot… she really is hot) But still, she is like, “I can’t fall in love with the boy who is loved by my best friend” Come on, in the end it worked in your favour then, why extend the tension. This is the reason why she got in the 8th position, but still, I have to admit, she is hawt!

Number 7: Ino Yamanaka (Naruto Shippuden)

This girl wins me only by her sexy outfit. I mean seriously just look at her, if I was the creator, I would have definitely shipped her with Naruto. Even though she doesn’t has much of an impact, but still she gives me a good soothing feeling every time.

Number 6: Misaki Ayuzawa (Kaichou wa maid sama!)

Misaki, according to me, is one of the most idealistic girls in anime history. She is the Student council president and is really serious about it, she is hardworking, good looking and on the same time has some emotions too. While I am heaping praises for her, it’s also true that she totally starts to fluster when she is in front of Usui; but that makes her even cuter, doesn’t it? *Nosebleed*

Number 5: Yukinoshita Yukino (Oregairu)

Well this girl, if she really existed, might just be a huge pain in the ass. First of all, she is really hard to get, second she is never honest about herself and third, she has a whole bundle of problems which she can’t solve. But still I have a crush on her because of her pretty face and straightforward attitude and I don’t think that I will ever stop crushing on her if I keep on watching this series.

Number 4: Ichika Takatsuki (Waiting in the summer)

Except the fact that she wears glasses, she must be the total opposite of my type. But still, she managed to get here due to her chemistry with the main character and the great balance between her emotions and the plot of the story. Ichika, is shy, girly and has some really good plot (If you know what I mean) but still unlike some other anime girls of this category, she doesn’t stops loving Kaito and is really honest with her feelings. So, Ichika was able to become the first character that I had a crush on.

Number 3: Yuuko Kanoe (Dusk Maiden of Amnesia)

Dusk maiden of amnesia is probably one of those animes which was able to perfectly balance Ecchi and romance without wandering off the plot. What I like about Yuuko is that she is perfectly true about her feelings, a little ecchi natured and does not hesitates to show us the joy trip of love. Also one more thing which is really enchanting about her and for which I fell for was her eyes, those deep red eyes were just….. too good. When I was watching her, I hoped if I too get a girl like her, god she was too good.

Number 2: Miyazono Kaori (Your lie in April)

Do I need to say something about her? She is the girl for which I cried the most. Man! Kaori is the only female character who has left such a big impact after dying. It was like I lost someone very close to me, the girl who is always cheerful and has a refreshing smile with a warm heart and tsundere attitude was not there anymore. Kaori is the one and only reason that I give such a high ranking to Your lie in April, she deserves to be my 2nd best anime crush.

Number 1: Holo (Spice and Wolf)

Surprised?? I bet you thought of a nerdy glass girl with plot for the first spot. Wrong! I present you my waifu who is completely different from my ideal type attribute. She is wild and soft, seems to be silly but is clever, is pretty straightforward and maybe the girl with most seductive but pure smile. There’s only one thing that I can say about her, “Wow! You hot girl!”

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