My Favourite Anime Opening

For me openings are very important aspect of an anime as it gives you a rough idea about it and can get you really pumped up to watch it. Even a shit anime can be perceived as a good one if the opening is really good, so I decided to share the anime songs which I think is pretty awesome and suit the anime.

NOTE: This list is just my personal opinion and how well I perceive an opening suiting the anime. Difference in the ranking of this list can occur.


Number 10: My soul, Your Beat
Anime: Angel Beats
Singer: Lia
This song is mild, calm and soft; just like the anime. The soothing piano is perfect for the light action and RomCom genre of Angel Beats!


Number 9: Choir Jail
Anime: Dusk Maiden of Amnesia
Singer: Konomi Suzuki
Dusk Maiden of Amnesia, as we all know, is a horror anime and that element was greatly increased by somewhat creepy and echoing song ‘Choir jail’. On hearing this, we can somehow visualise Yuuko singing it in a dark captivity.


Number 8: Aoi Shiori
Anime: Anohana (The flower we saw that day)
Singer: Galileo Galilei (Band)
When I first saw Anohana, I was not sad at all, not even at the ending. After a few months, when I listened to this song and remembered that last scene of AnoHana, all I could do was control my sobbing sound. That’s the beauty of this song as it was able to show me that painful moment which the anime itself was not able to do without its help.

Number 7: Hikaru nara
Anime: Your Lie in April
Singer: Goose House (Band)
Maybe I don’t need to say this again, but Your lie in April was a sad anime. But, the first half of it wasn’t about sadness; it was about Kousei finding hope to start playing again. This song, with its cheerful nature was able to help us lift the mood and increase the curiosity to watch this anime.


Number 6: Clear
Anime: Sket Dance
Singer: The Sketchbook (Band)
This song is just one of those opening songs which has the sole purpose of increasing the enthusiasm of the viewer. But these songs are not supposed to be in a serious anime and since this song was in Sket Dance which, of course, is a highly comical anime was good and fitting.


Number 5: Silky Heart
Anime: Toradora!
Singer: Yui Horie
What I like about this song is its description of high school or more like teenage love and note which anime it is from….. Toradora! The reason that it’s in 5th position is it’s off beat instrumental execution and the lyrics which perfectly describes the feelings we get when we are deeply in love.

Number 4: Outgrow
Anime: Tokyo Raven
Singer: Gero
Tokyo Raven, an anime about magic and fantasy. This underrated anime was used by an underrated opening, however, I personally find this opening really interesting and it got me really hyped up about watching the anime.

Number 3: Unravel
Anime: Tokyo Ghouls
Singer: Toru ‘TK’ Kitajima
Now, this song achieved a real height of popularity, 60% due to its anime fan following and 40% due to its song. However, I am not a big fan of that anime so I can say that I like this song only because of its style and singing.

Number 2: Let me hear
Anime: Parasyte: The Maxim
Singer: Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas (Band)
This opening is often found to be japaneese if you are not listening carefully, but it’s not. This song is there in the second position only because of its lyrics. The way it synched perfectly with the theme of anime, humans are the biggest predator, was amazing.

Number 1: The World
Anime: Death Note
Singer: Nightmare (Band)
The World, is liked by majority of the anime community, firstly because of its amazing lyrics and music, and secondly because the second opening of Death Note was shit. But seriously, this song was really good and I recommend it to the rock lovers in the world. As for the anime lovers, if you think that openings are a major aspect of anime, then you should like it.

Now what about you? Tell me about your favourite anime openings and what you thought about this post of mine.


3 thoughts on “My Favourite Anime Opening”

  1. yeah, nice list. i like a lot of these songs. i usually judge the songs themselves outside of the context of the series. as for my own list, it’s really hard to narrow it down, but i like stuff like flyers (from death parade), spirit inspiration (from zetsuen no tempest), and again (from fmab) to name a few.

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