Barakamon (Anime Review)

Name of Anime: Barakamon


Genre: Slice-of-life, Comedy, Calligraphy-based

No episodes: 12

Review: The famous topics of animes nowadays are sports, action and romance. Not many are based on genre apart from that and that’s the reason that those which go out of this boundary ends up being less known and underrated. ‘Barakamon’ is one of those animes which have tried to go out of those boundaries and have delivered it quite beautifully; however, being an offbeat theme, it has failed to acquire much audience. The story is focused on a talented calligraphy artist, Handa Seishuu, who has acquired much fame by just working according to the fundamental concepts. Once, on being said that he lacks uniqueness by a well known elderly calligraphist, he loses his impulse and punches that old man. Now, to cool his temper and to cover up for his mistakes, he is sent to an island by his father with an actual motive for him to find his own art. That’s where the story actually starts and his interaction with the local village folks and daily life on that island is focused. Mostly, this anime is about uplifting the tradition of calligraphy and to show the beautiful relationship between him and a seven year old girl, Naru. I recommend Barakamon to all those people who would like to watch a less stressful and calm anime for a change of mind.

Weakness: Honestly, it has been a while since I have watched an anime who have been so spot on that these weaknesses seem to be no weakness at all:
1) This anime has only one weakness and that is that in the end of the anime, the main character does something awfully unnecessary. No matter how well its ending somehow turned out to be, that move was really unnecessary.

Best scene: The best scene for me was a comedy scene, where two girls, Miwa and Tama, were about to open a photo frame which they thought would have Handa’s girlfriend’s picture but in the end it turned out to be a picture of one old calligraphy artist.


Favourite character: This anime has many interesting and amusing characters, but if I had to choose one then it would be Miwa, a teenage high school girl, who used to hang out with Naru and others in Handa’s house. What I especially like about her is her frank attitude and great comedic jabs.


Art style: The art style of ‘Barakamon’, like most of the other new animes, was really refined and great. It was successfully able to deliver the quality required to enhance the calligraphic ability of Handa and the art that he was able to put up.

Rating: Thanks to its great comic scenes and offbeat but perfectly executed theme, I rate this anime 7.5 out of 10.

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