Emotional, Review, Romance, Slice-of-life, Tragedy

Orange (Anime Review)

Name of Anime: Orange


Genre: Emotional, Tragedy, Romance, Slice-of-life

No episodes: 13

Review: Make an anime with a fantastic plot and make all the main characters cry at the most trivial thing possible, mix them all together and voila, we have created ‘Orange’. As I said in my First Impression blog, this anime had a really interesting and greatly described plot which can be related by any person living on earth, regret. But what made it from great to average was its really bad usage of the characters and a really average, unappealing script. The story focuses on Kakeru, who committed suicide due to his regret that he was the one due to whom his mother committed suicide. Ten years later, his friends decided to send some letters to the past telling their past selves to do their best to make him happy and change his mind from dying. The story went on pretty smoothly till a certain period but then it started to become a little too much clichéd and it seemed as if the story is not progressing at all. But still I have to agree that there were certain times when I found my heart racing with the pure love story between Kakeru and Naho, and then there were also times when I found myself really sad and sympathetic towards Kakeru. According to me, what really was excellent in this anime was its background music, which successfully synched with the joyful but sad storyline.


Weakness: There were some pretty drastic mistakes which made it lose its impact over the audience
1) The main characters had tears in their eyes at almost every episode of the anime. I have seen animes which are even more sad than this one but still I saw tears at only the most emotional parts.
2) Kakeru always brought up the same old reason to get bothered and try to commit suicide until the last episode.
3) The story got somehow lost into a world of its own in the middle of the anime. As a result, it was found to be a little bit stretched and clichéd story in the end.

Best scene: As I said before, I can’t neglect the fact that there were some pretty good scenes in this anime. My favourite was a romantic scene between Naho and Kakeru where Naho helds out her hand to Kakeru for him to hold, to which Kakeru says that he has hold them at the cultural festival. At that moment Naho delivers an epic dialogue, “Is one enough?” I just loved that scene.

Art style: The art style of the anime for the scenery was quite good however I believe that the character design was not up to the mark, because these kinds out of character design are fair only when the genre is action or psychological. When the genre is comedy, slice-of-life or romance, it just spoils the mood.


Favourite character: Honestly, I didn’t find most of the characters even passing to be a good positive or negative character, so that’s why the only one who passed, wins by default; Suwa. I liked his selfless personality and how he supported his love to get together with someone else just for her sake. I know it’s a really difficult thing to do.

Rating: I hoped that it would fare well but still it was not able to live up to my expectations. But still, if I had to raise it for one thing, it would be its idea of encouraging people to stop considering suicide as an option. So, I rate it 6 out of 10.

2 thoughts on “Orange (Anime Review)”

  1. I think that Orange bothers me because there were truly great moments in it and the basic story could have worked (even with the poor explanation of how sending a letter to the past is even possible). But Naho just drove me crazy for most of the series and Kakeru wasn’t much better. The other characters are more interesting but other than Suwa don’t really get much to do for most of the series other than act like the emotional support.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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