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First Impression: My Hero Academia

Anime: My hero academia


The story sets in a near future where most of the people possesses these quirks and try to be a hero to earn their living. Deku, is a quirkless boy who yearns to be a hero and thus, becomes a person who rushes to any site of hero activities and takes his note on them. He is greatly influenced by a hero and his ideal, All Might. Deku, is spineless most of the time, but there are sudden times when he does his best to rescue others even though he knows he can’t do anything. Till now, all we see is him being enthusiastic to do his best and then losing all the confidence when he’s picked on.



At first when I started watching, I thought that it was going to be one of those Superhero series with an overpowered protagonist and an even more overpowered antagonist, who will be defeated in the end. But this series totally got me wrong (At least till now). The show has picked up a really unique theme of a journey of a quirkless boy to being a hero. (Of course, he should become one). But here’s the question, how will he attain that quirk or more like, how will the story progress? I hope I get that answer in the near future without being disappointed.



I have heard many things about ‘Boku no Hero Academia’ and I think the second season is already on its way to be processed. So, I think this anime will not make my decision to watch it, one to regret on.


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