Action, Comedy, Drama, Emotional, Supernatural

Assassination Classroom S1 (Anime Review)

Name of anime: Assassination classroom

Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural

No of episodes: 22


Review: Take the genres ‘Slice-of-life’ then add ‘Action’ and ‘Sci-fi’ to it, what would you get? An anime which has both tension and a touch of science with a soothing normal life background, that’s ‘Assassination Classroom’. The story is about the 3-E class of Kunigaoka High school. This class has all the failures of the other classes and is often subjected to humiliation and lack of facilities, creating a kind of social division where other students take inspiration, to not to get there. However, for the E class students a change came in their life in the form of a transfer teacher, Koro-sensei. Koro-sensei is a tentacle monster, who is accused of destroying 70% of the moon and says that he will also destroy the Earth if he is not killed, by none other than the students of class 3-E. But this monster, with a speed of Mach 20 and with a real strong tentacle, is not that bad and gives his best to teach the students of class 3-E with all he has.

Weakness: Can’t say that this anime is without faults, even though the theme adopted is pretty good:
1) The target seems to be a little too god moded as even in the heavy attack at the end of the series, he mysteriously converted into a defensive form out of nowhere.
2) The theme, action, was not increased to the height needed to attain that genre. We can say that it’s an action anime which is too soothing to watch.

Best scene: The best scene of this anime is maybe that one scene where Nagisa defeats the main boss of this season, first by disarming him and them finishing off with a deathly smile on his face. Even though he didn’t die but boy that gave me the chills.

Favourite character: Everyone in this anime has a great personality and not even one character seems to be left out or without any strength. But still, the one who seemed to be really cool for me was Karasuma. His style of combat, cool mind and light jab were just amazing.


Art style: The art style of this anime is also pretty different and unique as taken from the perspective of an action anime. No gore scene was shown and above all blood spills were also minimised. What I also liked about this anime was its great selection of the scenery which perfectly suited the art style.


Rating: This is an anime without many faults and with an unique theme; that’s why I will rate it 8 out of 10.

PS: So, what do you think of this anime? I know it’s late as the second season is finished but today got the next season too. So, look forward to the next season’s review in a couple of days.

1 thought on “Assassination Classroom S1 (Anime Review)”

  1. Definitely a unique show even though all the elements have been seen before, the particular way they come together here makes this feel very much like a different kind of show. Thanks for sharing.

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