Action, Comedy, Drama, Emotional, Supernatural, Tragedy

Assassination Classroom S2 (Anime Review)



Name of Anime: Assassination Classroom S2

Genre: Action, Comedy, Emotional, Tragedy

No of episodes: 24

Review: Remember the faults I mentioned about its previous season, now what you have to do is burn all those weaknesses into ashes, because this anime has covered all the weakness it had and was able to deliver the theme of the anime in almost the most perfect way possible; and by perfect I mean REALLY PERFECT. The story at first starts off with the same motive and nothing seems to change at first. But gradually, we understand that this anime is now serious about reaching its ending and to be honest was really good in wrapping things up in time. ‘Assassination classroom S2’ also carried out certain scenes which, even though there was no bloodshed, managed to make me thrilled and all hyped up. If I start mentioning its points, then I’m pretty sure that I can go on and on about how good it is.

Weakness: NONE! This is the very first time where I am not able to point out even a single weakness. I mean, there might be some faults which are visible to others, but if you ask me. It has no faults at all!

Best scene: You all know how I love romance, and to please me, this season threw a really deep kiss of Nagisa with Kayano. I have seen many deep kisses, but man this one was intense. Still, I couldn’t it’s the best cause there was no feeling from the other side. That surely disappointed me.


Favourite character: I would have stayed with Karasuma in this review too, but in this season there was not much of an impacting role for him. That’s why, this time, my favourite character is The principal, Asano. At first he was like a villain with a really bold and twisted personality. But in this season, when his past was uncovered, I found that he is a really good character who deserves this position.


Art style: The art style of this anime, as I said before, is pretty much different with a little bit of moe touch to it. However, the thing I said before, that it doesn’t sooth the action theme, is proved wrong in this season.

Rating: I really enjoyed this season of Assassination Classroom. But I can’t say that it was excellent because it was not able to give me the feels trip that I was hoping for. Maybe because the end was predicted by almost everyone. So, I rate it 9 out of 10 and a reservation in the second position of my favourite anime list.


1 thought on “Assassination Classroom S2 (Anime Review)”

  1. The end may have been a foregone conclusion but the delivery was still an emotional experience. I kind of think that’s better than trying to surprise and win people over with shock. Letting them know where you are going and managing to do it well is pretty impressive.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the series.

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