When Anime Ticks Me Off

As you all know that I have been fan of anime even after much struggle. Even though I haven’t seen all the animes out there, I have still managed to be specialized in certain genres like Romance, Comedy and Sports. But even though I’m a big fan of this culture, doesn’t mean that I can’t see the disturbing faults in animes at all. And so, here I’m with some of my ‘Really Anime? REALLY??’ moments.

  • “MASAKA?!”Now I really hope that I’m not the only one who noticed this dialogue in every action based anime out there. It actually says, “You don’t mean?!” Now, I’m not a big fan of action, I admit it, but judging by those animes which I have watched, this word is there whenever someone is surprised. Wanna know how it works? Like this:
    He: I’m feeling butterflies in my stomach.
    Me: MASAKA!
    He: Yes! I SHAT MY PANTS!
  • The Ecchi TheoryDo you know what an ecchi anime is? Of course, you do! Coz you won’t survive in the anime community if you don’t know what it is. I have watched a few ecchi animes and now I can say for sure that if you want a good ecchi anime and get the support of the whole otakus, all you need to do is…………………. show unnecessary body, FOR NO REASON. I mean sometimes I wonder that a girl which was just standing there, suddenly tripped, fell over a boy, and POOF! Most of her clothes are dislocated. Followed by of course, some nosebleed. The thing that made me avoid most of the pure ecchi animes is this theory, coz no matter how well the story continues to be, these scenes destroys it all (At least for me)
  • Time? We don’t give a shit about that!By seeing this title, can you guess which genre of anime I’m talking about? Of course, it’s sports, and the award for destroying the whole concept of time goes to, ‘Kuroko no Basuke’. That anime, was actually quite good, but every sports anime deliberately defies time. Like in one scene of ‘Kuroko no basuke’ there was 10 seconds by the half of that episode, and by the end, which is after 20 mins, the time spend in the anime was 10 seconds! I can’t understand what their theory is. I mean like if you are going to defy time, then why show the time at all??
  • Fight: Takes eternity!You know how you keep on watching episodes after episodes of an action anime, and after 5 episodes, all we see was 10 minutes of fight and 90 minutes of dialogues. This is one of those many reasons why I don’t like action animes. Sure, nowadays, action anime have changed and have more fight scenes, but that theory doesn’t changes. The fighters will just stay in opposite corners, tease each other for the half of the episode, have flashbacks for the rest of the episode and then at the final 10 or so seconds one of the two will unleash a deadly attack. Oh! But don’t worry, because on the beginning of the next episode, the deadly attack will be dodged easily, AND THE CIRCLE CONTINUES.
  • Conclusion?? Why bother?At last I will tell you that habit of anime which ticks me off the most, “Man! We just don’t feel like giving a good ending.” For a person like me, who has to wait for half a year for the completion of a short anime, a good ending is all that I ask, but no! The creators keep the anime on a standstill, then decides to not to give it a conclusion at all. My question is that why did you waste so much money, if you aren’t gonna give a good ending or a second season. This one really pisses me off! And that’s why I have plenty of those animes which have never been given a conclusion, still in my library, waiting for a second season, which might never come, like:

So here was some of those things in anime which really makes me snap. What do you think? Did I miss something? Let me know your views. Thanks for reading this blog 🙂



7 thoughts on “When Anime Ticks Me Off”

  1. The lack of conclusions annoys me to know end but I dislike this in American shows when they get cancelled before they finish the story. Actually, just incomplete stories in general drive me crazy.
    The rest of your points, time being stretched, ecchi, long fight sequences, and repetitive dialogue can all annoy me but some anime have these and it doesn’t bother me so I guess it really depends on how they’ve fit them into the story they are telling and whether it makes the story better or worse at the time.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. The lack of ending is DEF my biggest pet peeve! You spend so much time watching or reading and then you never get to find out what happens. It’s the worst. I had to laugh a lot when I read about anime time logic and their fight scenes because it is so true. Ouran Host Club always made me laugh because in the manga the writer even says this timeline makes no sense… Just go with it. Hahaha at least they were honest about it! Cool post 🙂


  3. Sports anime defying time is so on point. Not to mention the outrageous techniques that different schools or rivals possess.( CUE : New Prince of Tennis with all of its bloody, science-defying tennis moves). But while this consumes too much time, I still enjoy watching a select few like Haikyuu for instance.

    I think this list sums up what I often find annoying for some anime series (especially the long dialogues).

    Oh,,…and those minute-long costume transformation scenes is just……unnecessary.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Even though matches in Haikyuu is longer than that of Kuroko’s basketball, I still enjoyed it because they somehow managed to make it interesting and not obligation.

      And yes, those strange and long costume changes is really unnecessary. Glad you liked my points.

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