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Beyond the Boundary (Anime Review)


Name of Anime: Beyond the boundary

Genre: Romance, Action, Comedy, Supernatural

No of episodes: 12

Review: There are some animes which have really a bunch of weakness and mistakes, but still manage to mess with some weak strings of our hearts; ‘Beyond the boundary’ is one of those few animes. Even though the number of mistakes in its plot is really high, it is still a precious anime for me in the romance genre. The anime is set on a semi-supernatural world where some possesses this capability of seeing monsters. These monsters can be harmful at times, and thus these people are duty bound to kill them, in exchange for which they get money. Mirai Kuriyama is one of those “Struggling assassins” who, due to her clumsy nature, messes up with killing her target even though she possesses a cursed power of solidifying her blood into weapon of her desire. She meets with this boy Akihito, who is a half yokai and half human. Gradually, these two fall in love with each other while some dark secrets of Akihito unravel. While the romance between Mirai and Akihito were quite intimidating and cute, the impact of the support characters doesn’t goes unnoticed and have proper role.


Weakness: This anime has really quite big weaknesses which needed to be worked on (Expect spoilers):
1) At first, Mirai is shown to be really clumsy who messes up her work. But by the end, she becomes all experienced and strong. HOW???
2) The anime wasted one whole episode in just making us believe that everything is alright nothing actually happened at the very crucial moments. Those who are really absorbed in the story get really confused at that time at least.
3) Mirai died at the last episode, but then she miraculously got resurrected and was standing at the top of the school building. HOW???

Best scene: ‘Beyond the boundary’ maintained a cute relation between bloody action scenes and cute heart warming sentimental scenes. That’s why my favourite scene is when Mirai starts to disappear in the very end episode with tears in her eyes, after winning a crucial fight. I loved that scene and got a little bit emotional on seeing it.

Favourite character: My favourite character was Mitsuki. I mean like how anyone can deny the fact that she looks absolutely the best female character in the whole anime. I sympathise with his brother for having an unrequited love for her.

Art style: The art style of this anime was top notch; I liked their detail in both the action scenes and the tragic scenes. The art style got even better in the last 2 episodes, where sentiments of the plot were at it best.

Rating: This anime has a really treasured position in my anime list, because of the cute and pure relationship between the main couple. Furthermore, it had really good opening and ending songs, I loved them both. That’s why I rate this anime 7 out of 10.





2 thoughts on “Beyond the Boundary (Anime Review)”

  1. I really loved Beyond the Boundary though found the ending a little bit hard to take in. Even after multiple watchings I’m still not a 100% sure I understand what happened properly (not because it’s all that deep but because they are just quite obscrue in their explanations at the end). That said, its so sweet and the characters are great and I just enjoy watching this anime.

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