Types of Anime fan

When we find something new to do, we try to socialize with people who have the same views or liking as our new found discovery. The same thing happened to me and maybe all of you reading this, who after finding how cool anime is, entered the anime community through the social media. Now as we become a part of this community, we encounter different types of anime fan, some are cool, some are idiotic and some are well, cringey as f**k. So, today I decided to put before you those anime fans which I have encountered so far.

NOTE: This is just my personal opinion of how many types of fan I interacted with and found unique in its own way. It is not a post to offend anybody and is for a humorous purpose only. If you feel offended in any way then I’m deeply sorry.

  • The Quote Freak:

    So these are the decent types of anime fans. These fans will post anime quotes round the clock till they die. But at some point, they get a little bit annoying as many of the quotes, at the end of the day, are really depressing. These people actually want to show everyone that they are some sad anime protagonist and want to visualize themselves in those lines.

  • The Role Players:

    Gradually, I’m coming to those fans who actually start to tick me off. Earlier, I used to role play too, but it was for fun and HAD A LIMIT! I stopped role playing after I had an encounter with this girl, who was too much. She would always post about Nora, from Noragami, whom she used to role play as. She would always post Nora’s picture in Facebook and whenever she had some conversation, she would tell that she is Nora and would convert everything to a god moding role play battle. These fans actually piss me off!

  • The Newbie:

    The newbie is more like a stage of the fan. When someone has just started watching anime but still wants to tell everyone how great he is. The newbies are like kids who think that they have done something that no one else has, while actually everyone has done that. These people must have only watched Naruto or DBZ, and now they are like on the top of the world. They start to get annoying when they say that they have watched EVERY ANIME OUT THERE, while their knowledge is still limited to 2 animes. But still, to us, they reflect as our beginner stage and are cute to watch.


  • The Emoji freak \(^_^)/ :

    Did you get whom I’m talking about? I hope you did. But if you didn’t then let me tell you. The emoji freak are not the one who add normal emojis at any sentence like 🙂 or :p instead they create their own emojis from japanese letters or normal alphabets. However I don’t hate or get irritated at them, but I don’t like some emojis which I can never understand. Just a few questions to you all, leave in the comments the meaning of these two emojis: eue and OnO


  • The Classic fan:

    The last two categories are the most found and the most annoying anime fans. First are the Classic fans. These are one of those fans who criticize every single thing about the newly released anime and say that the old and classic animes were the one which had meaning. You must have encountered one of those fans who are still praising Ghibli arts films and are diehard fans of DBZ, only because it is of that era. The classic fans have this one favourite dialogue, “Anime died years ago, now they are just raping its corpse”


  • The Weeaboos:

    These are the most annoying anime fans I have ever seen. I mean, like how cringey can you be? There is a limit of how much you love anime and Japan. These people think that their country is the worst and Japan is the best. Let me tell you something, every country is the same, all have faults, no country is the best or the worst, so just love your own country and respect others, that’s it. I realize that the weeaboos wants to learn Japanese and explore Japan, but adding a suffix ‘desu’ or ‘kawaii’ every time doesn’t makes you Japanese at all. God! I really hate it when someone adds ‘desu’ or any other random Japanese word in the middle of a sentence!

So anyway, that sums up my blog of the different types of anime fans whom I met in the community. What do you think of the list? Did you find some fan with a different personality? Let me know then! Thank you for reading ! 🙂

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