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First Impression: Denpa Kyoushi

Name of anime: Denpa Kyoshi

The story seems to be about a Prodigy otaku, yes you heard me right, An otaku who is a science prodigy. He is forced to get a job by his sister as he is always locked up in his rooms and hardly goes out. However, due to his name and fame as a prodigy, he easily gets a job of a science teacher. Even though he seems to be lethargic and lazy, which he almost is, he can be very clever at times and is able to solve all the problems that his student may face. He solved the problems of a student who was being bullied and save defamation of the girl who he caught himself shoplifting. But in the end, he still remains the same lazy guy who could sometimes give outstanding lectures.



At first, the story seems to start off with a the same boring shounen opening, but gradually I found that this anime is not gonna be the same. Unlike most of the animes, the otaku here is not a normal student, not a student council president but it is the teacher himself. I like the way the main character sets his stage as both an otaku and also a genius teacher. However, the way he sometimes becomes all lazy and wants to quit his job and all is somehow irritating for me. It doesn’t exactly hints on any romance, but it’s only been 3 episodes, so let’s wait and watch!

The way this offbeat idea has started off, I have really high expectations to see where it goes. Will it be the same old comedy series without any plot or will it become an anime which is highly underrated? I hope that whatever is the result, we will be able to enjoy a good slice-of-life comedy show.


This sums up my First impression on Denpa Kyoushi. Have you watched it? What was your reaction? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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