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High School of the Dead (Anime Review)


Name of Anime: High school of the dead

Genre: Action, Ecchi, Comedy, Harem

No. of episodes: 12

Review: After hearing the suggestion I decided to put up the review of a little bit or a bit… well you got it, ecchi anime. ‘High school of the dead’ is an anime which has a good mix of action, ecchi, comedy and to some extend romance. The story focuses on Takashi, Saeko, Rei, Hirano, Shizuka and Takagi who are left in a world which is suddenly infested by zombies. The main character, who appeared to be a passive character at the beginning ‘suddenly’ became supreme and the leader of their small team. We have the clichéd nerdy big *** girl, stupid big *** girl, yandere big *** girl, the normal big *** girl, the ugly looking psycho killer and the supreme boss who doesn’t knows a shit! If you have watched this anime, then maybe you know that this story doesn’t has a good plot continuity; their goal is to go beyond the river to meet up with their parents and in the end, they were only able to meet with parents and after a while, left on their own. Now my question is… WHAT THE HELL? I mean, that’s it? Then what was the point of going through all that trouble. I hope that there is a second season of it, or else this shit will have no sense at all.


The Best Team with the worst leader

Weakness: Where should I begin with the weaknesses? They are just… gah.. nevermind:
1) There is no clear reason, that why did everyone started becoming zombies. Was there an epidemic, a mythical creature invasion, prank or some other creepy shits?
2) Why did everyone made Takashi their leader? What is his ability? He can neither use sword as well as Saeko, nor can he use gun as well as Hirano. It’s only because he looks a little better than, so he will have to become the typical harem guy.
3) The ending. What was the point of the entire chase, if you all were going to do what you like on your own? Maybe the second season can answer that, but until then, no point.

Best scene: To be honest, I don’t find any scene much great, but if I were to choose one then it will be the last seconds of the anime, because the anime was now ending. :p

Favourite character: Everyone might think that I would say that there is no one among them whom I like, and to some extent you are right. But the thing is, I like Saeko due to her personality and beauty. But still, I really detest the little psycho side of her as she was not made to grow and get into her character much.


Art style: What do you call the anime which has the art style of 2008 but eyes of 2009, why High School of the Dead! The most horrible part of the anime was its art style which just focused all its detail in the mouth of the zombie and all.


Rating: I don’t really watch much pure ecchi anime cause most of the time, it doesn’t makes sense. Here also I rate it 4.5 out of 10, thanks to its “WASTE YOUR TIME” policy.

Well… thanks for reading this review. Please let me know what you think about this anime!


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