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Your Name (Anime Review)

Name of Anime: Your Name


Review: How good it feels when you are rewarded for a long wait by something which completely exceeds your expectations! That’s what that happened with me. I waited almost 6 months for this anime to be available for download, and when I was finally able to watch it, what I found was maybe Makoto Shinkai’s best work. I don’t always watch anime films, but when I do, it’s mostly Makoto Shinkai’s work. It’s not unknown to the anime community how great his works are, sometimes it’s so real that I couldn’t believe my eyes. This time, I didn’t get a great print, but still ‘Your name’ was fabulous in both the script and art. The story is about two persons, Mitsuha and Taki. Even though they live pretty far away, their souls suddenly starts to switch. At first, they take it as a dream, but gradually they realise that it is true and do their best to support each other. Gradually, they become suited to the other’s body and grow feelings for each other, but something happens which marks a big change in both of their life. I loved how the anime turned from a light hearted comedy to a serious love plot, which at times was able to make me sob. But still, I was completely satisfied by the plot, which made my decision to wait patiently for the anime, a right one.

Comedic scene: When Mitsuha switched into Taki’s body for the first time, a scene made me laugh real hard. If you are familiar with the feminine and masculine tone of the word ‘I’, then I’m sure you have laughed at the joke too.vlcsnap-2016-12-02-20h08m35s009

Favourite character: The focus was at the two characters all the way, even though Taki was more on spot, I really fell in love with Mitsuha. She looked sooooooooooooooooo good, I can’t explain in words. One may say that, Okudera (Taki’s crush) was better, but once you see Mitsuha in the Shrine maiden outfit, you will have to fall for her. At least I did.


Art style: Do I need to say anything in this matter? I watched the film in a really low quality mode, but still I was able to live at that moment, due to its realistic nature. If Makoto Shinkai is the creator, I could rate the art style 10 out of 10 in no time.

Gaps: ‘Your name’ was really a good anime, and the only time I felt that there is some gap, was the plot twist, which failed to deliver a good explanation about the uncertain events that occurred. In any case, the matter about time was too hard to understand, or maybe, it was made hard to understand to cut out on the explanation part.

Rating: The best anime film I have ever watched till now. I know some say that it is being over exaggerated by the reviewers, but still my own rating is 9.5 out of 10.


So, what do you think about ‘Your name’, was it good or average or bad? Be sure to tell me your views. Thanks for reading this blog! J

6 thoughts on “Your Name (Anime Review)”

  1. I’m more partial to anime films than series, and I was really looking forward to Your Name too. I probably prefer Shinkai’s previous film called Children Who Chase Lost Voices (since it’s more similar to Studio Ghibli), but Your Name was fantastic, especially the ending! Some of the music montages took me out of the moment, but the whole package was quite satisfying.

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