When Anime Ticks Me Off- Part 2

After my first post on this issue, when does anime ticks me off, I realized that there were some elements which also disturbed me but were missing from that list. So today, I will be writing a continuation of some more anime rules which well, makes me mad.

  • Girl? Guess again bitch!I hate it when a really good looking character who I believe is a girl turns out to be a guy, or as we say it, a TRAP. I mean, why would you go all the way to create a beautiful girl, who is girly, acts girly and SHOULD BE GIRLY, and then convert it into a boy? For a moment I am, and maybe most of the male anime viewer, left wondering, “AM I GAY?” So, to those who create traps, STOP TROLLING ME!!

  • I’m on top of herOne of those nonsensical scenes, where the protagonist ‘accidentaly’ stumbled and fell over a girl. Just at that time, another girl or a whole gang just barged in without knocking and are thinking that they are about to do it. First of all, where are your manners, why did you walked in without knocking and second, why do you have a dirty mind and are so hasty to jump to conclusions that they were about to do something ecchi. Now creators, stop trolling us and giving us false hope of a kiss or something by playing romantic BGM and blushing characters as we all get really depressed when you shatter our fantasies.
  • 2
    It’s a misunderstanding!
  • Density of Harem Protagonist > InfinityAlmost every harem anime out there has a protagonist who seems to be a good for nothing at first but then, he suddenly becomes the savior of the whole world. It’s okay, maybe he had that talent but tell me one thing, how did he managed to get all the girls and still didn’t realized what they are hinting to say at any cost. Just how did you managed to become so dense? This is the only reason that I try to avoid ecchi-harem collaboration and the only reason I think Issei is the best ecchi-harem protagonist, at least he was not acting to be dense.
  • The Thriller killer: FillerLets stop for a moment and try to figure out what goes on inside the head of an anime creator.
    Creator: “You know the anime is on a thrilling point. How should we increase the hype of the consumers?”
    Assistant: “FILLER EPISODE!”
    Creator: “Correct Answer!!”
    This is how they think right? I download batch of a series at once so I don’t have to wait for a week, but even I get irritated when a filler episode shows up when I’m deep in the story. I mean, why would you have this brilliant idea of spoiling all our fun by throwing in a random look back or a sudden adventure or ghost hunting episode, ONLY WHEN WE ARE CURIOUS ONLY TO KNOW WHAT PLOT TWIST WILL TAKE PLACE IN THE STORY!

    My reaction
  • This is just the beginning!If you are an active Comedy, Slice-of-life or Sports anime viewer, then you should know where I’m going. This especially happens in sports anime, where they break all the laws of game and declare in the last 10 seconds of the match, “This is just the beginning!” Sir, do you have a watch, or are you able to control the whole time space? THERE ARE ONLY 10 FREAKING SECONDS, HOW ARE YOU SAYING THAT IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING? But I guess they really can control time space as the 10 seconds continues for 3 episodes. Well thanks to ‘Daily lives of High school boys’ I was able to recive the satire they aimed at this line by saying in the last seconds of the anime, “Our lives has just begun”. Really appreciated that line!

    The Epic Satire!!

Hmmm……. I think now I was able to list all of the points, or was I? What do you think of the list, was it enough or did I missed something? Anyway, if I still find some more faults then it is gonna be another segment of ‘When does anime ticks me off!’ but until then, lets enjoy anime!

4 thoughts on “When Anime Ticks Me Off- Part 2”

  1. Fun list and both of the harem/ecchi elements in this list annoy me a lot as well.

    I like trap characters though, mostly because I enjoy it when they break gender norms. Boys dressing and acting like girls? Yes please. Masculine girls who act like men? Yes please. Then again, I can’t really empathize with the ‘am i gay’ confusion since I’m about as straight as a circle.

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