Sad Anime Movies You Should Check Out

Japanese anime is famous for its sad element. If somebody ever says, “Anime is for kids!” we can always shut their mouth forever with our stock of incredibly sad animes (At least that worked for my family). But still, there is a reason why we watch these animes even though we know that it’s going to be sad; that is its perfect execution of a legit plot that totally serves to have a sad base. So, as an honour those animes, I have decided to write about the Anime Films which has made almost all of us feel sad and gloomy all day.

Garden of words:
One of Shinkai Makoto’s animes which is special for its incredibly real art style which can already capture the eyes of most of the people out there. If you still want to play critic, then the story will be enough to finish you off! A great story that is somehow a taboo but still manages to win everyone’s side for the protagonist. Some say the ending was sad while some say that it was happy ending, I will leave that to you. But for me, the ending was a little bit sad but good.


The girl who leapt through time:
A really cool anime is on its way. When you start watching this movie, you will wonder that why this was labeled as ‘Sad’, I advise you to watch it to the end. 75% of the movie showed the selfish and tardy use of time leap by the user, Makoto, but in the end it turned into a heart touching romantic story with a hint of sadness. One can never judge this movie because it is unique in its own way and gives us a window to imagine what may happen to Makoto and what Chiaki meant in those last scenes; it’s really a great movie to spend 1 and a half hour on.


5 cm per second:
The first anime movie which I ever watched and another of Shinkai Makoto’s creation. No wonder it was able to take sadness to a next level. The story is about a normal high school love story which screams from the very first moment that it will be a sad one, but no one is able to leave it unfinished and is forced to dive into the world of deep emotions and enchanting scenery. What makes it a sad one, well for me; it is the very last scene when Takashi turns around to watch who stands there beyond the railway crossing, even though everyone have their fingers crossed to see the girl standing there, but we can still guess what will happen which makes it a sad anime.


The Place Promised in our Early Days
There are some things which we promise to fulfil together with our friends and loved ones, but it’s not always possible to complete those promises, however if we really believe in it, we can surely achieve anything. This movie has the same theme. Three teenagers finds a crashed drone plane and decides to repair it, as 2 of them were prodigies, and fly to see the tower in Hokkaido. However, things didn’t go that smoothly and the promises were not fulfilled. This movie made me well up with tears more than any of the other works of Shinkai Makoto, maybe because of its certain tear-jerking scenes; but whatever it is, it surely served the purpose of getting a good position in the list of sad movies.


Graveyard of the Fireflies:
After watching ‘5 cm per second’ I was hung up on searching about sad animes and that’s when I came across this anime which is said to have mercilessly tear up the hearts of almost every anime lover out there. I accepted the challenge but what happened was complete massacre of my heart. Yeah I didn’t cry, because it was a shock which is worse than shedding some tears. The misery of a young boy and his sister during war that is shown in the movie was too much. The sad factor was not death of their loved ones; it was those time when the big brother did his best to make his sister happy while keeping up with the misery alone. Unlike the previous anime, it didn’t focused on petty things like romance and breakup, it focused on real life struggle, and that’s the only reason that this anime is in top position of this blog.

This way, the best sad anime movie goes to ‘Graveyard of the Fireflies’. What do you think about my selection? Which was your saddest anime movie? Be sure to tell me in the comments below. Thanks for reading this blog!

12 thoughts on “Sad Anime Movies You Should Check Out”

  1. the garden of words’s ending is the starting point of true happiness to me. Thanks for reviewing this awesome anime. After I watched this anime, I wrote what I feel in my blog too. I wonder you will feel the same emotions as me or not, about this movie?

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  2. Excellent list! Ah, they’re making me teary-eyed right now just remembering. I would also like to add “Hotarubi no Mori e”. Ah, that film hurt me so badly. But one of the most beautiful anime films I’ve seen.

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