Comedy, Drama, Emotional, Review, Slice-of-life

When Marnie Was There (Anime Review)

Name of movie: When Marnie was there

Genre: Slice-of-life, Drama, Emotional

Review: Anime films are dominated by two main power creators, Shinkai Makoto directed films and Studio Ghibli. If Shinkai Makoto was able to create anime films with a bittersweet feeling like Kotonoha no niwa and 5 centimeters per second, then Studio Ghibli has created works with a strong female protagonist and a strong sense of hope like Spirited away and Only Yesterday. Though Studio Ghibli was more dominant in the 80’s and 90’s when the main director was Hayao Miyazaki, it still has not failed to give us quality works. Released in 2014, the graphics and colour of the anime has sure taken a bright and new turn but that ‘Studio Ghibli’ art style is still dominant and is quite nostalgic. Coming to the main part, the story revolves around Anna, a twelve year old girl who is neglected by most of the girls in the school and has therefore turned into a loner. Anna suffers from Asthma and because of her illness taking a bad turn, she is sent to the countryside to his uncle and aunt, by his ‘aunty’.  Though Anna behaves very politely around almost everyone, inside her mind, she can’t tolerate anyone. The anime doesn’t convey any hint of her twisted personality and struggle until it reaches half of its screen time, as a result, we are confused and almost fail to think about how she might be feeling. Anna spends most of her time sketching and somehow manages to come across a house which was once occupied by foreigners but is now empty. Since, no one was stopping her to do anything, she took many trips there and some chain of events lead her to a blonde, blue eyed girl named Marnie; a girl who she saw in her dreams since she was there in the countryside. Both of them became really good friends, but something is not right about Marnie. What is that? Watch the movie to find out!
NOTE: In these two scenes of the film, I almost thought that it’s going to be one Yuri romance anime, but sadly, it didn’t.

Best scene: The film is good overall and doesn’t really have a particular scene which is completely extraordinary, and if I mention some, then the whole movie will be spoiled. So, I will be posting my second best scene which was the dance by Anna and Marnie when the latter invited Anna in a party her father hosted. That scene was very heart warming.


Gaps: This film has a mixture of both great elements and foolish mistakes, the great elements can be the fact how Anna is independent and courageous unlike some anime girls who just know to scream and cry for help in ninja battles (If you know what I mean), but the foolish mistakes will be more in count. First of all, Anna is sent out on her own by Mr and Mrs. Oikawa every day, even if she is found lying on the ground or in the storm the day before. Second, Anna is found in many places by the local settlers where, she should be injured but on the contrary she seems to be fine and doesn’t has a single attack of Asthma in the whole film, except the first 10 minutes.vlcsnap-error851

Rating: ‘When Marnie was there’ is an extraordinary journey of feels and emotions which Anna goes through to find the solution to all her problems, with a little twist in the tale. It will be sure to teach us that not all problems can be solved by raging or keeping a cool face, sometimes patience and an apologetic sense is enough. I rate it 7.5 out of 10.


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