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Haikyuu S3 (Anime Review)


Name of Anime: Haikyuu Season 3

Genre: Sports, Comedy

No of episodes: 10

Review: 2017 has kicked off perfectly for me and it’s mostly because of this huge gift I presented myself with, The Third Season of Haikyuu! I can’t believe my must watch list is starting to get shorter so early, and what a great way to begin this than by watching my favourite sports anime. The ‘Haikyuu’ franchise has always amazed me by its great animation and good, tough storyline, which was even more escalated this season. After going through all that training and drills, Karasuno finally found their momentum and now they are one step away from the nationals. But what stands in their way is no one but the team who have gone almost every time to the finals, the powerhouse Shiratorizawa. The match between these two was 10 episodes long, but I never felt that it was being too stretched or anything, that’s the beauty of Haikyuu, and that’s why once I got the series, I just had to binge  watch it all in one go. I love it!

Weakness: ‘Haikyuu’ doesn’t really have many faults like the other sports anime, but still there are some gaps:
1) The tension in the match is not as much as it had with the one against Aoba Johsai, somehow we don’t feel like they are playing the best school in the prefecture.
2) Kageyama and Hinata are the main characters, but they were not given the time to shine in this season. (But Tsukki owned the stage, Woo hoo!)

Best scene: The match between Haikyuu and Shiratorizawa was a tense one, but that doesn’t means that the humour will disappear, at least not when Tsukki is here! Best scene of this anime, every time Tsukki lets out his sarcastic side.


Favourite character: I think all of you can guess it at this point, my favourite character is Tsukishima. Even though he wasn’t given enough screen time in the previous season, he sure shone bright like a diamond in the third season. Go on Tsukki, I support you!!


Art style: Now that I have seen Durarara, I realised that the art style in both the anime is almost same, I wonder if it is from the same creator or not. But so far the art style goes; I have no complaints except the fact that the female characters are not as appealing as they are in other art style. Also, is it just me or Tendo looks really similar to Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

Rating: I was waiting for this season for really long time, and now that I have caught hold of it, I will not let it go without a huge rating. So, sorry if you think I’m over exaggerating it, I rate it 9 out of 10.


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