Ridiculous Anti-Anime Remarks

My Reaction when someone makes a baseless comment

So there I was talking to one of my friends on my way to home from school. As time passed, our topic of discussion also changed and all of a sudden we were talking about anime. Now, due to some reasons our light conversation turned into a heated argument, mostly because of human mindset of passing on negative comments over anything about which they have no idea. Even though I managed to forget about his comments, I realised that our community is a constant victim of ridiculous baseless remarks which differs from country to country. So I decided to place before you some of those remarks which we Otakus come across most of the time.


    To elaborate on this topic, let me tell you about an incident that happened with me, and must have also been experienced by you all in some or the other way. A couple of months ago, I was listening to some anime OP/EDs in my phone, when my friend came into my room. He insisted on hearing what I was listening to, even though I told him that he wouldn’t understand the music. At last, when he heard the music, he made this incredible comment, “Why are you WASTING your time, listening to the ‘Ching-Chong Chinese music’?” I’m sure all of you must be feeling what I felt at that time; furious, sad and awestruck at the same time. If you are one of those people who think the same as what my friend did, let me tell you two things; First, Anime songs are not ‘Chinese’, they are Japanese, and these two languages are as much different as there is between Oil and Water, Second, if you don’t like a song, then just go ahead and say that it doesn’t suits your tastes, don’t you think insulting that music is incredibly rude?


    This is one of those experiences which was common between most of my anime lover friends, and that is the terrible comparison of anime to any of those local cartoons. One of the guys of my class, once jumped into a conversation about anime and made this masterpiece of a comment, “I know what anime is! Isn’t ‘Chhota Bheem’ one of them? After all, what is the difference! THEY ARE ALL CARTOONS!” At that time, all we could do was ignore him, but it cannot be neglected that anime has been called ‘Chinese Cartoons’ almost as many times as there have been ecchi scenes anime, 1000000000 times approx! My message to those people, get your shit together before making any baseless comments, at least don’t compare them to this shit!1


    This them of neglecting anime has been used mainly by media, some ‘Adults’ and in some cases, our parents. One of the main reason that Animax was banned in India (Leaving the fact that it had low TRP rate) was because the parents complained to the Broadcasting Department of India that Anime is becoming a ‘Bad influence’ to the ‘Innocent children’, as they are showing violence and adult scenes there. I thought that this problem was limited to India, but then I found that in Japan, anime was termed responsible for a crime where a middle-aged man brutally raped a girl, desiring to imitate a bondage hentai scene. My comments to those who believe in this garbage; if someone carries out a criminal offence, he/she would have done that without watching anime, don’t tell me that all of the terrorist and rapist around the world got that message from anime. Also, if you believe in blaming anime for spreading criminal ideas to young children through hentai, then why aren’t you praising anime for spreading the idea of wiping out all criminals (Death note), uplifting a nearly extinct sport to normal folks (Chihayafuru), putting in the picture of never giving up (Naruto) and many more instances like that?5


    “Saving the best for the last”- this proverb was never more appropriate. I bet 100 bucks that almost 98% of the total anime community must have heard this statement from at least one person during his whole time of loving anime. As for me, I have heard this from my parents and my best friend, but what I did after that was bombshell them with some of those works which are famous for their target audience being those who have some brains in them (As a result, now both of them are interested in watching anime) But unfortunately, luck is not the same with everyone and all of us don’t get an audience capable of analyzing the pros and cons of anime, what we usually get are Crazy old buffoons whose only job is to criticize what they know nothing about. Let me tell you why this statement is bullshit:
    1) There are some Anime deals with some really grave issues surrounding the world, if you don’t believe me then check out ‘Death note’, ‘Tokyo Magnitude 8.0’, ‘Parasyte: The maxim’ and ‘Grave of the fireflies’.

    2) There are some incredible works which shows pure and beautiful romance that is appreciated by many ‘Adults’ around the world, like ‘Clannad’, ‘From me to you’ and ‘Your lie in April’.

    3) If you all are still adamant on your decisions about anime being only for kids then let me give you the final blow; go and check out ‘High School DXD’, ‘High School of the Dead’, ‘To Love Ru’ and ‘Monster musume no iru nichijou’ . I’m sure that it will be enough to blow you off the water.

With that I conclude my rage story of those who pass out baseless comments about anime without knowing anything about it. What do you think about it? Have you ever been targeted by any of these comments? Is there any other remark about anime that you have faced? Be sure to let me know in the comments below. Thank you for reading my post!

13 thoughts on “Ridiculous Anti-Anime Remarks”

  1. I’ve kind of learned to filter baseless comments about anime in the real world. I was a female teen in the 90’s and into anime (admittedly the Sailor Moon type anime that was available on TV) and PC gaming. I’m very used to baseless comments about girls not being able to shoot in games and watching those ‘Chinese cartoons’. At the end of the day, I can’t tell the difference between any of the styles of football (in Australia) and to me they are all just the sport that doesn’t use a round ball so I guess it all evens out and I just learned to roll my eyes and move on.

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    1. I have heard and seen many people who think that girls are not made for gaming and all those interest which they call ‘Boys sport’ and as for anime it has been labelled ‘Chinese cartoons’ for as long as I remember, but I guess in the end all we can do is turn a deaf ear to their baseless remarks. Thanks for reading!

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  2. I can relate to your experiences. But now I have learned to just mute my ears and stop processing what they said when I hear them. But on the flipside, anime isn’t as mainstream as gaming yet, so these comments are still inevitably in abundance in society.

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  3. I’ve been fortunate enough to not have had that many experiences with baseless comments for my interest in anime. Luckily I have a lot of friends that have this same interest in it as I do. I think I experienced something negative for the first time this past Halloween. I dressed up as one of the scouts from attack on Titan-had a green cloak with the wings of freedom and I stopped by target to pick up something for a party. I was pretty stoked so many people had complimented me and told me they were also fans….till I got to the cashier…he was just rude. I don’t think his comments were baseless necessarily but he was one of those “elitist” anime types. He played it off like he didn’t know what I was “are U a scout from that ‘one anime’?” Then continued on about how it was a mainstream anime and it’s definitely the an anime people watch first as a newbie to the medium. I just stared at him -I couldn’t believe he was lecturing me about my taste in anime based on ONE costume! I was so irritated!! Especially when he started off with ‘I never really watched it’ but here’s what I think about it…lies….but anyways….on a different note however, to be honest ….I have struggled with the fact I’m not as open as I am about my interest with everyone because of the stigma created by these baseless comments…like..being a nerd, assuming I’m a cosplayer, etc. if you were to see my other social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram you’d never know I geek out about this stuff. But lately I’ve been more accepting of myself even if some people don’t get it. I let my nerd flag fly high as possible on this blog!

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    1. I have never had many friend who can share my interest in anime, I only managed to turn my best friend into an otaku, but it’s actually pretty frustrating when someone who has no knowledge about anime shares his view on this topic. It seems like that cashier knows what anime even is in general. This one time, I was talking about Naruto to my best friend when this random classmate of mine jumped in and started with the line, “How is anime different? In the end, it is like Tom and Jerry, the show which kids watch!”. I was practically furious about his statement who just went out and labelled anime as something that ‘Kids’ watch without even having any idea about what it is. I have never actually been assumed as a cosplayer or nerd, and I thank god for it, but on the other hand, there isn’t a scarcity of judgemental people, is there? Thanks for your awesome comment!

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      1. That’s the number one comment that sucks the most “it’s just a cartoon”. It’s far more than that! Aww but hey now you have a community to befriend people with the same love for anime as you do. I’ve fallen in love with WordPress anime community and have made a lot of awesome new friends because of it! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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  4. Kids these days don’t have the privilege to watch Beyblade, Digimon and all other kinds of great anime we used to watch when we were kids. Even Animax now airs kids animes rather than showing FMAB, Inuyasha etc. And yes Chhota Bheem is shit. Are you indian?

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    1. Those anime were really something else and thanks to Animax, we are able to watch them again (I am watching Beyblade thanks to the re-run in Animax)

      Nothing feels more good other than hearing that Chhota Bheem is shit from someone else and yes I’m Indian. Thanks for reading my post!

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