Some Unsuccessful Shippings

The Anime community has given us many gifts as we continue to grow in it; we know a lot of Japan, our drawing sense improved, our grip on English became better and the list goes on. However, it has also given us some of those weird habits that we can’t help but repeating. (I don’t want to talk about our dying effort to speak and be as much Japanese as we can) I don’t know if you guys do it or not, but there’s one weird habit that I keep on continuing every time I start a new anime series, and that habit is ‘SHIPPING’

Now, not every anime fan out there has this habit, but I know that at least I’m not the only one. So here I am, sharing with you some of my failed ships, which wished to sail as much as my life. These ships are shortlisted to only 8 couples, but trust me it was a tough battle for these spots. (There are lots of ships after all) So anyway guys, without any further delay, LET’S GET RIGHT INTO IT!

    This was my very first ship and maybe the most desperate one. I don’t think there are any other girl from the series ‘Hayate no gotoku’ who is perfect for Hayate other than Maria. She is gentle, sweet, good looking and above all, a maid! *Nosebleed*

    I love Sket dance and really like it’s comedy, but if there was something that I was not happy about was the fact that they didn’t give any conclusion to the most popular ship. I mean at least give them an ending like the manga!5


    Up until Season 2, no one had any idea who this green headed girl is, but in the 15th episode of season 2 she became the most sought after girl of the anime. I thought that the anime will give them a good ending, but god damn it Nagisa, did you just had to say that it was only to help her? Stupid.

    Knowing the fact that there was nothing in the sorry to be enjoyed about, (If you remember those constant useless crying scenes) the only thing which I liked was the character of Suwa and the selfless attitude of his regarding the love life of Kakeru and Naho. Yeah, they got married in the parallel world, but I think that it’s better for Naho instead of that suicidal crybaby. -_-
    The female characters in ‘Parasyte’ was never that strong and impactful (Except you know who) so picking a good match for Shinichi was hard, but what we found in the later half was the fact that Kanna was always a better half for Shinichi than Murano. I mean, at least she loved him so much that she went out to find him even though Shinichi advised her not to, right?12
    Welcome to another Hayate shipping, because you know, the first anime is always the source of all fantasies. Alright I’m sure this time, it’s a little bit mainstream, cause Hinagiku becomes so bold and the romance between them becomes so hot from the Second season that it becomes too hard to not to cheer for them. As for Nagisa, go play games, you are too young!
    Nisekoi gained much hype in the Romance genre, 40% because of its story and 60% because of the shipping battle. While everyone else screamed #Team_Chitoge or #Team_Onodera, I took my time to carve out the foundation of #Team_Tsugumi. Even though she is a little dense and doesn’t realizes her feelings for Raku, but hey girls can also be like the harem anime male characters, that is, dense af! (By the way, #Team_Chitoge)

So that sums up my Top 7 ships which were a failure. What do you think about them? Do you have any ships that sailed or failed? Make sure to leave them in the comments below! Thanks for reading this post!

14 thoughts on “Some Unsuccessful Shippings”

  1. Kanna and Shinichi made more sense. It was like he really did outgrow his previous relationship but just kept clinging to it. Then again, Kanna had a bit of a death wish so even if Shinichi had made the jump it wouldn’t have lasted.

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  2. Ships that failed……. # 1 to me is Touma and Futaba in Ao Haru Ride, Fail
    Next is Hiromitsu x Hatori in Heroine Shikkaku. fail I have this second guy syndrome. More often than not, the second guy is the better one. Male leads are usually jerks that don’t deserve to get the girl.

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    1. Three times yes!
      The second guy is almost always better. Like Ao Haru Ride.
      BUT….. not always. Take Skip beat- Ren over Sho any day.
      In Strobe Edge- both of them were awesome and I actually wouldn’t mind either of them but she ended up with ren….
      *shake head*
      (Even in Hana Kimi!!!!)
      There are always more sunken ships than sailing ones………

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      1. I never shipped Sho and Kyoko. What Sho did to her was hideous. ( he made her his personal servant…. not only that, she was the one who supported him financially while he was just starting out….. then kicked her under the bus cruelly and without remorse )

        In Strobe Edge….. I like Ren because he was loyal and faithful to his girlfriend, even though he’s starting to like the main girl what’s her name again ? If the girlfriend didn’t break up with him on her own free will, there wouldn’t be a Renxwhat’s her name ending. In other words, Ren didn’t like her enough to break it up with his gf, even though they barely saw each other, with the gf living in another city far away. And why break up with her ? The GF was a nice, pretty model . About the second guy….. I used to like him, until that point where he slept with another girl while at the same declaring his love for the main girl. So, no shipping here.

        By the way, another ship that didn’t sail, was the pair in Itazura na Kiss. I hate the main guy so much.

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        1. That moment when you have no idea which anime is being talked about… :p but still I saw one anime which I can say something about. The main guy of ‘Itazura na kiss’ was maybe hated by 70% of the viewers because of his nasty Oh-I’m-so-great personality, but on the other hand, I also didn’t shipped her with the other guy because I found him cute being with the foreigner type girl. (Lol! I forgot the name of every characet there)

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          1. Both the live action and anime of Itazura na Kiss have endings. The mangaka died before she got to finish the story, so the manga itself does not have an ending. The husband though gave the endings to the anime and live action folks. He said his wife told him how the story would end before she unfortunately died. ( accident ) . I suugest you read the manga first. Omg, the vileness of the male lead in the anime and live action is just a fraction of his vileness in the manga.

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