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Handa-kun (First Impression)

Name of Anime: Handa-kun

The story is about Handa Seiyuu, a young prodigy in calligraphy, who seems to be in the list of the popular peoples of his High school. Even though he has talent, good heart and fan following, there is this small little drawback that he has which makes all of these sought after qualities nothing but a blockage in his path, he has socio-phobia. The story progresses with the comic note of how Handa, with the passive ‘help’ of his supporter, manages to not only save himself from the ‘bullying’ but also win over those who decides to strip him off his popularity; that’s what they think at least.


If I remember correctly, there was a episode from the popular kids T.V show called ‘Doraemon’ where the main character, Nobita, at first tried to help others but ended up making them angry and on the other hand, when he finally decides to make everyone mad at him, Doraemon’s gadgets enabled everyone to be happy of his deeds as they turned out to be life-saving help in some or the other way. In the same way, this anime also pictures Handa-kun as someone who only wants to run away from everyone’s ‘Bullying’ (Popularity), however somehow he manages to make everyone so happy that his popularity only keeps on increasing. If you liked the anime, ‘Sakamoto desu ga’ and crave for hilarious comedy themes, then you should give it a go.


The story being about the early life of Handa Sei, who later becomes ‘The Famous Calligrapher’ Handa Sei in ‘Barakamon’, I expect some really good comedic scenes from these series. Even though ‘Barakamon’ was not that focused on comedy as it was on slice-of-life, the fact that some of its jabs were hilarious cannot be neglected; So when ‘Handa-kun’ on the other hand makes his main theme comedy, then I bet that it’s gonna be a top notch series! So for now, let’s cross our fingers and hope for a promising stress buster anime.


4 thoughts on “Handa-kun (First Impression)”

  1. Kind of in agreement with the above comment. Handa-kun is a slice of life but it’s pretty one note..I also found the manga to be more hilarious than the adaptation. Barakamon is a masterpiece.

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