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Attack on Titan (First Impression)

Anime: Attack on Titan

That’s Awesomeness!!

A Hundred of years before, first appeared the Titans, a giant like monsters whose only aim was to prey on live humans. After bringing the whole human race to the verge of extinction, the survivors were able to defend themselves by trapping them inside an area defended by three walls. After this mishap, humanity has now experienced peace. Eren, Mikasa and Armin are a group of three friends living in this era of peace, but still Eren and Armin yearn to venture outside these huge walls and want to join the Scout Regiment who are able to do so. However, this moment of peace and dreams were short-lived, because suddenly a Titan, called the collosal titan, of height more than the 50m wallcreated a hole in the wall and allowed many other Titans to devour these humans. In the state of aggression, panic and a state of emergency,  Eren along with Armin and Mikasa decides to drive out every titan from their land and joins the cadet training group to do so.


‘Attack on Titans’ won over a million hearts of the anime community on its release in the year 2013. Even though the fact that I avoid action and gore anime is still there, I couldn’t turn a deaf ear to all the other bloggers and anime viewers who can’t help but praise the series. But while I’m watching it, I realise that unlike my most resented gore anime, Mirai Nikki, this show is actually able to make those scenes legit. I’m now watching episode 5 and I have to admit that the series has made me sit to the edge of my seat. It’s been a long time since I actually enjoyed an action anime and maybe that’s the reason for everyone’s complimenton the series.


I heard about the anime for a really long time, but the main reason I started watching it was its live action movie. At first, I thought that the live action was pretty good, so I was bound to check out the real thing; however, now I think that the live action was pretty shitty compared to the anime. The story is better, the action scenes are good, the characters are good, the OP/EDs are amaizing and the best thing of all is that there are no annoying dialogues in the middle of the fight. So, I expect that the series will turn out as good as everyone told me and that I will be eager for the second season scheduled to release this April.

1 thought on “Attack on Titan (First Impression)”

  1. I still havent watched the anime but i am currently updated with the manga series and had read all which has came out in the starting the attack on titan seemed to be boring to me till the 50th some chapter after that it was real interesting.


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