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My Top 6 Comedy Anime

Anime is known to most of the people of the world for three of its speciality; its art style, action scenes and tragic element. Even though I’m not a big fan of anime when it comes to the action genre, it would be wrong to say that they don’t possess a charismatic touch. But on the other hand, I was attracted to anime due to its unbelievably touching romance element and mostly because of its hilarious comedic sense. No matter what others may say, I love them and never miss out an opportunity to check out anime of this genre. That’s why today, I will be sharing with you My Top 6 Comedy anime series which I think that you should check out if you are also a fan of humour. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

HONOURABLE  MENTION: ‘Hayate: The Combat Butler’ was the first romantic comedy anime series that I came across and I don’t regret watching it. However, now that I have watched other series as well, this anime remains as just another memorable series which has a great role in turning me into an Otaku.

  • Handa-kun

    Maybe the latest comedy series that I have completed and my only comments to it will be: “That’s freaking hilarious!” In my first impression post of this series, (If you haven’t seen it then click here) I was told that the storyline would get pretty much mundane by Anime Indian Philosopher and Heyitszel. They were absolutely correct about that, but the reason this anime still managed to be on my list is because most of the negative rating which was emitted by the monotonous storyline was completely absorbed by the hilarious monologues and childish happiness of Handa; Maybe because, I laugh at almost everything possible.

  • Bokura wa minna kawaisou

    You all must have noticed in some manga, whenever a person throws in a punch line or a reaction comment, the listener doesn’t always answers but what he/she is thinking is written by the side of the character. Well this way of comedy is something that makes me laugh really hard and that’s the main reason why ‘Bokura wa minna kawaisou’ is in this list. A light hearted Romantic comedy series couldn’t get any better with the male lead often being the prey of some hilarious situation, which is mostly created by his masochist roommate (Yeah, seriously) and the drunkard office lady who are also living as paying guest in the kawai complex. This Rom-Com is the
    best series to pass your time, or to recover from any heavy themed series.

  • Nichijou
    If you want something unpredictable……. then….

    I saw this small anime crack on YouTube where a blue haired anime girl all of a sudden grabbed a goat, which I guess was eating some paper, and performed a wrestling move on it. My first comment on that scene was: “What the ****?” and then my second comment was: “That’s so cool!!” I started searching for that anime and when I finally saw that series, I was glad that I watched it. ‘Nichijou’ is not something that will make you laugh every 3 or 4 minute, it’s something which builds up your laugh for a while and then makes it burst with a great punch line. The best thing about this series was the occasional RAGE comedy of the two main girls, BLUE and RED, which makes me laugh my ass off! (Note: You will enjoy this anime if you like men riding a goat)

  • Seitokai Yakuindomo

    You know, on a survey, it was proved that every 2 out of 3 males enjoy adult comedies and laugh about it publicly while every 3 out of 4 females enjoy adult comedy but only 1 out of 4 laugh about it in public while the others tag those jokes as “Pervy jokes”. Now, I don’t know whether you are one of those who enjoy these jokes or not, but as for me, I love them (As long as there is no unnecessary fan service included). ‘Seitokai Yakuindomo’ is the only anime I have seen which was able to slam adult jokes without any hesitation, and to be honest, I loved each and every one of them! What makes the series even better is the occasional comment by Tsuda, the ‘pure’ male lead, who keeps on giving his views on every jokes made by the student council president and his best friend. (By the way, if you are still not able to figure out, the fact that I laid out earlier was false :p )

  • Sket Dance

    I started this series without knowing anything about it, except the fact that everyone was recommending me this series. At first, I thought that this anime was of sports genre, since it has the name Sket in the title (Which I thought represented Skates). But when I watched it, I was left awestruck, partly by how terribly wrong I was and mostly by how awesome the jokes were. The best thing about ‘Sket Dance’ is that Himeko and Bossun never pass out an opportunity to pass comments on anything that is bizarre in its own way, and that is absolutely hilarious. Moreover, I liked the character Switch, who is voiced by my favourite comedy VA, Roman, thanks to her awfully amazing comics (God! They are hilarious. My salute to the one who created them) and Dante, the mystery man. (Great words by Dante: Flightless Crow; you guess what that means :3 ) Seriously if I start ranting on the awesomeness of this series, it will use up more than a thousand words!

  • Daily lives of High School BoysThere are some anime which gain a great respect and love in your heart. When it comes to comedy series, that position is sealed by this series, ‘Daily Lives of High School Boys’. Maybe it was the mundane topic, the slice-of-life setting or the embarrassing situations that clicked, but this anime is indeed comedy personified. If only it was as lengthy as Sket Dance or Gintama, this series would have gotten much more appreciation than it has right now. Strictly speaking, unlike Sket Dance, we are actually able to put ourselves in the shoes of the protagonists and laugh hard at something that has probably happened to almost everyone. Also don’t forget GREEN voice acting, that guy is really one of the best comedy voice actors, Respect!

And by that, we come to the end of this list of hilarious anime. Have you watched any of these? Did you like them? Do you have some series which is even more hilarious? Then be sure to let me know in the comments below!

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