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Some Anime Cliches (Romance Genre)

After a good response on my post about the most commonly used scenes in sports based anime (If you haven’t seen it then click here), I decided to write some more about these clichés. However, this time there is a slight change as the genre about which I would be talking ranting about is my second favorite genre, Romance. So without any further delay, let’s get right into it!

  • Sudden Harem:
    Still can’t understand why everyone suddenly became attracted to the main guy

    Most romance anime starts with the note that the protagonist is not very popular and has only one or two friends who are pretty close to him. However, by the end of the anime, every new girl introduced to him will have that blushing and Doki Doki things going on. In the end, most of them keep on confessing to the main guy, making him a harem king. What I don’t like about this cliché is that the guy who had almost no interaction with girls suddenly became the middle of attraction, and the worst part, THAT GUY DOESN’T EVEN KNOW THAT!

  • Second supporting lead=Protagonist’s crush
    Some of the famous harem lead…. with the sorry second female lead

    The female lead is not disclosed as soon as the second female lead, and we don’t know how or why, the Protagonist always has a crush on her. Now, the second girl is actually pretty good looking and serves all the purpose of being the perfect lead, but still she loses to second spot and remains as a test subject to the shippers. Most of the time, the second in lead confesses her love to the main guy, but by that time, it is already too late. WHY THE GUY DOESN’T ACCEPT HER ALREADY?? (Cries of the helpless shippers)

  • Beach episode


    Do you remember how the filler episodes in ‘Naruto’ and other anime used to tick us off? So, the new directors decided to stop that tradition by….. Adding fan service with the filler! (Did you thought that fillers were stopped? Lol never!) Now that idea has a new avatar in short anime known as, the beach episode. My reason to hate it is because of the overwhelming amount of fan service, which clearly isn’t something that I really appreciate.

  • Transfer student are cool by default


    There was a cliché in the old days which was the girl running around with bun on her mouth and then stumbling on to her soulmate. But when that started to become a laughing stock, the creators upgraded the scene by introducing the Transfer student, a new and improved Boy meets girl situation. Even though now the transfer student cliché is used to bring in a love rival more often, the tradition is still active.

  • High School: The Heaven of every story

    Ever heard of a master cliché? It is a kind of cliché which can be used at every genre possible, and I mean EVERY GENRE. To Japanese anime, the master cliché is the high school setting. Only a few handpicked anime are out there which is not set in High school. If it is action anime, the high school students aim for nationals, if it is action anime, the high school students defend themselves from trouble, if it’s magic, the magic high school student defend themselves from some evil magician and if it’s Rom-Com then……… well, you know that by now.

So there are some of the anime clichés which I find annoying in the Romance genre. What do you think of the list? Is there any point that you agree or disagree with me? Let me know in the comments below!


5 thoughts on “Some Anime Cliches (Romance Genre)”

  1. There’s nothing more annoying than a harem anime. Not because the idea of tons of girls liking one guy is that far-fetched, but the majority of the time these girls have little to NO REASON why they like the main dude.

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      1. That’s not even the worse of it. We’re supposed to be able to relate to harem main characters and put ourselves on their shoes, but half the time that are either blocks of wood or just unlikeable jerkwads

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