Some Anime without Conclusions

Usually, an anime series have 12 or 24 episodes for a season, which are enough most of the time to deliver a sweet and memorable story. However, not all anime out there have managed to give to their fans a story with a good ending. What’s more, these anime maybe will never be able to tell us the ending because of lack of sales and all. In the end, these anime either end up being removed from most of the favourite list or they just remain in the heart of fans of that anime, who always wish for a second season, which may never come out.

Keeping this in my mind, I have decided to write about some of those anime which I guess, will never have another season to give a proper ending. So without further delay, let’s get right into it!

HONOURABLE MENTION:  I finished the anime ‘Sket Dance’ a year before, and I fell in love with the absolutely amazing comedic sense of the series. Hoping for more, when I researched about it having a second season, I found that it’s highly unlikely for it to get one. ‘Sket Dance’ is one of my favourite comedy anime and there won’t be anyone happier than me, if I found that there’s gonna be a second season.

  • Tokyo Raven:


    I don’t usually watch magic based anime, but when I do, it’s Tokyo Raven. I saw the trailer of this anime on Animax and holy shit! That looked so awesome. So, I downloaded the series and watched it. It had all the elements of a great anime, action, dark past, badass villain, even more badass teacher and a cute romance story. However, this anime lost most his greatness by the last few episodes because of the WHAT THE SHIT WAS THAT? ending. Even though there has been slight rumours of some possible S2, we will see if that’s true in the near future.

  • Magical warfare:

    Another magic genre anime that was abandoned by its creator in the middle of nowhere. Released in 2014, Animax made a huge fuss out of it in its website and that piqued my interest in it. However, when I actually watched it, I realised what false advertising is. ‘Magical Warfare’ was just another anime with an average plot which I fairly enjoyed, but even that enjoyment is crushed in the last episode where in their effort of fitting in most of the things of the light novel, it ended up giving a bizarre conclusion, which got even worse when we realised that it won’t get a second season.

  • Mysterious Girlfriend X

    When I reviewed this anime, I mentioned that I was not sure why I liked this series as it didn’t had that great of a story and the drool licking thing is not exactly my fetish. However, it managed to get a lot of fans and admirers thanks to the mysterious character of Urabe and the great chemistry between her and the protagonist, Tsubaki. The series ended with both of them visiting Tsubaki’s mother’s grave and Tsubaki monologues to do his best to keep his relationship with Urabe alive. This ending was not appreciated that much (Not by me at least) as it spewed up hope for a second season, which, thanks to the low sale of DVDs and Blue-rays, has low chances of releasing.

  • Hyouka:

    Hyouka is one of those mystery anime with a lazy protagonist and an energetic female lead who have a hint of romance between them. I love and hate this series for 2 reasons. I love this series for some good mysteries and great romcom situation between the two main lead, however I hate this anime for its bad ending. ‘Hyouka’ might have ended the series peacefully by giving them (Oreki and Chitanda) a romantic conclusion, but NO, it went on to keep it as a suspense for the next season; which, once again, is highly unlikely to release. WHY DID YOU DO THIS CREATORS? WHY??

  • Spice and Wolf:

    At last, we have ‘Spice and Wolf’, an anime which I fell in love in the recent years and was heartbroken by the bitter truth that I came across a week before. ‘Spice and wolf’ is a fantasy anime about a spirit wolf Goddess called Holo who joins forces with a wandering merchant, Lawrence, to reach her home in the north, only for both of them to fall in love with each other. I loved this anime 50% because of Holo (That girl is really seductive) and the other 50% for to the story. It manages to accumulate both serious business thrill and heart-warming romance to create a magical ride for the viewers. But recently, I found that this anime too will not get a second season because of the low profit made by the creators for it. I was incredibly disappointed, I thought that they will finally focus on their relation ship (QAQ)………. I HAD SOME GREAT EXPECTATIONS!! *Cries in a corner*

That sums up *Sniff* my post for some anime without any conclusions. *Sniff* If you want to add some more anime *Sniff* into this sorry list then leave them in the comment section below. Now if you would excuse me…. I have some crying to do! *Cries in a corner*

15 thoughts on “Some Anime without Conclusions”

  1. Yeah, I wish Sket Dance gets another run, that anime is the one that made me go out of my way and watch anime on the internet (You can the read the manga though, it’s finished). Hyouka is an eccentric mystery that I would love to watch more of.

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    1. When I searched for more Sket Dance episodes, I found that the manga is finished. I guess I will have to read the manga to find the ending, but I would love it if there was another season. Yeah, Hyouka was really a fun series.

      Thanks for reading!

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  2. Great list. This is something I really dislike when I am really into a story and then it does not end, and being told to read something else or watch a follow up movie to find out how it ends doesn’t make the ending of the anime any better.

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    1. I just don’t understand why the creators try to finish a series in 12 or 24 episodes. I mean, if we get to see a perfect ending, it’s ok if we get 14 or 30 episodes in a season. It’s better than a follow up movie.

      Thanks for sharing your views.

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