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Rainbow Days (Anime Review)

Name of Anime: Rainbow days

Genre: Slice of life, Comedy, Romance

No of episodes: 24


Review: For some reasons, most of the anime that I decide to watch are shorts. My last few series were Plastic nee-san (5 mins), Okusama ga seito kaichou (8 mins) and then Rainbow days (12 mins). All these series were better than I expected, but on the same time, they failed to hold onto the reputation they earned by the very end. For now, let’s talk about ‘Rainbow Days’. The story revolves around four high school boys (Because any other setting will not be anime like) who enjoy their daily life which is filled with funny events and much romance. The series starts with Hashiba talking to his friends about the cute girl dressed at Santa whom he fell for because gave him tissue at Christmas Eve, when he got dumped. Just like his friends, I was like, “That’s it?” but on the other hand that silly love plot bloomed into a good romantic story. The series became more and more interesting when everyone found their pair; the blonde guy with his Santa girl, the intelligent quiet guy with his over enthusiastic girlfriend, the player with the male hating female lead’s best friend and the sadist with the masochist (If that made you guys cringe then sorry). No matter how strange it sounds, the anime managed to use the characters really well, the kissing scenes were awesome and heart stopping at times and the story actually made me pray for more. However, I won’t say I’m satisfied with the anime, or should I say, WTF GUYS?? About which I’m gonna say more in the weakness segment.

Weakness: Ever heard of partial self-destruct? Well, Rainbow days demonstrated how to ruin a really good story with their Partial Self-Destruct moves:
1) This series had 4 or 5 filler episodes. I mean yeah, if you have more than 500 episodes about a ninja, then 70% filler episodes won’t hurt, but dude! This is a short series, with a 12 mins runtime, why do you want filler episodes here? Just finish the story.
2) Rainbow days used a device called “We won’t tell you” which is really cringe worthy. They made a setting of telling the backstory of a character and then all of a sudden… BAM! We won’t tell you that in this season, bruh! (I wonder if they will even get a second season)
3) Slow and bad ending. I have not watched many series which have that slow ending thing, because somehow I get to know it all beforehand, but now I think I know how it feels to have a slow ending. Till 16th episode, the series was about to be on my Top 10 list, but then as the ending approached, the story became slow AF and then gave, what I think, the worst possible ending for the first season.

Best scene: The romance of Rainbow days was top notch, until a certain number of episodes, and the couple whom I was rooting for all the time was Mattsun and Mari. One of my best scenes was between these two people where Mattsun gave the best threatening, “I will kiss you again!”

Favorite character: One of the best things about this anime was the characters, who were full of life. My favorite from them all would be Keiichi (And trust me the decision was not easy) as his sadistic side mixed with innocent smiles were hilarious. Sometimes he felt a little bit relatable, I mean girls really do run away when we try to tie them up. (Nobody else had that problem?)

Art style: Comedy series are generally known for their laziness in the artistic side of anime (With some exceptions) but this anime, in comparison to other mainstream comedy series, had a pretty good art style. (Even though it was not as good as Sket Dance, but yeah it was good). The background showed traces of their laziness in that field, but the character design was really good, especially that of the female characters.


Rating: Rainbow days is that anime which you can watch to relax and release your tension, but may also get hooked up to the story but still, due to the series of wrecks in the end episodes, it becomes quite cringe worthy and that’s why I rate it 6.5 out of 10.

That sums up my review for ‘Rainbow Days’. Have you watched it? What are your thoughts on this series? Be sure to tell them to me in the comments below!

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