My Top 7 Admirable Female Characters

Female characters in anime series are one of those things which are sometimes used shown as Self sufficient and independent character in some liberal minded anime, while at the same time; they are used as just a method of Fan-service in some other series. Even though there is no stop to those series where females are just another way to “Please the audience”, it is also a fact that in some recent years, there has been many female characters that we all should take inspirations from. So, on the occasion of “International women’s day” I have decided to put before you some of those brilliant female characters which I think really prove the fact that “Men and Women have no difference in skill, in any kind of work”

  • Miyamori (Shirobako)
    I never knew that Shirobako will be an office drama based anime (To be honest, I was surprised that they didn’t have a high school setting), so I was ready to drop the anime as I thought it won’t be interesting. However, I finished the series, and the only one I think who was able to make me sit back and watch the whole thing, would be Miyamori Aoi. Her sheer will power to do the task assigned to her and the way she did her best to come out of any bad situation that the production house faced, was absolutely amazing. Aoi is maybe the best normal office girl I have seen in an anime, who possesses such a great mental strength and made sure that we realize that girls don’t break down that easily.
  • Erza (Fairy Tail)
    I will be honest here, I have not watched Fairy Tail and have no idea why most of the people of the anime community are screaming in support of this series. But if I have to marvel at one thing that I managed to came across and loved was the portrayal of Erza Scarlet. I have seen many female warriors and Fairy Tail seems to be booming with fan service, still the way Erza was shown fighting, her willpower and sheer concentration to defeat the enemy was amazing.
  • Akame (Akame ga kill)
    Now I know that the anime was probably not one of those good action anime out there, but we will have to admit, Akame was badass. I mean just think about it, everyone died, like EVERYONE DIED FOR NO REASON, but then there comes Akame and she wins like a boss! Akame is the only character that I have come across, where the female lead shines brightly even though she is not the protagonist.
  • Chihaya (Chihayafuru)
    After discussing some great characters of action based anime, we come back to the slice-of-life genre where there is also involvement of sports. Chihaya starts off as a lazy girl who has no actual aim and is just another girl next door who looks good. But as the anime progresses, we find how determined she stays to become the queen of a not so famous game, Karuta. Chihaya was included in this list because even though she is klutzy and careless and not good at most of the things, she can be lethal at Karuta. Her focus in goal and power to never give up is admirable.
  • Tsunade (Naruto)
    Whenever we talk about strong female characters in Naruto, we think about Sakura and Hinata, but if we think clearly, we will find that the one who should really be marveled for her strength should be Tsunade (At least I think so). By strength, I don’t mean the brute physical power that she possesses; I mean her strength to take decisions, her courage to take action and her attitude to oppose others when needed. Being the first female hokage, she really proves no matter how supreme or hard a work is, women are also as capable of doing it as men.
  • Riko (Kuroko no basuke)
    I didn’t really enjoy Kuroko no basuke, but I really respect this anime for something that I hope will become true one day, and that something was portrayal of Riko as a female coach. The anime broke the boundary where the only thing a female can do for a male sports team is becoming a manager. She received criticism and people laughed at the team as they had a female coach, but she showed them that she has what it takes to become a coach. She is a little hot minded, but she is calm at taking decisions and is not afraid of taking risks.
  • Kaori (Shigatsu wa kimi no uso)
    Personally speaking, Miyazono Kaori is my inspiration. I want to live life to the fullest, just like she did. She has something that most of the people in the world doesn’t and that is being full of life. She knew she wouldn’t be alive for long, but instead of counting her days in misery and morbid thoughts, she decides to take on the stage and enjoy each and every moment she can squeeze out of her lifespan. Kaori is the most powerful girl I have ever seen in any anime.

That sums up my special post dedicated to all the women of the world. Be happy, be proud, you HAVE the capacity to change the world. Don’t let what others say to you get your heart, women are not weak, I hope my post was able to convey that message. Thanks for reading!

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