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Parasyte- Part 1 (Movie Review)


Name of Movie: Parasyte: Part 1

Year: 2014

Runtime: 1hr 50 mins

Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Gore

Review: I have watched only a couple of live action films so far, but I have to say that this movie was comparatively better than the others (Especially Attack on Titan live action, that was the worst) There were some changes made in the story which kind of bothered me, as I loved the anime storyline, but somehow, the first part turned out to be good. The story of the live action is basically about Shinichi who gets his right hand captured by a parasytic being, named Migi and how both of them gets engaged with many other parasytic activity while trying to hide the existence of Migi. While the story is pretty much the same, there are some slight changes in some point, for example, Shinichi lives only with his mother (Wonder if she’s a widow or a single mother) and A-kun is shown as the one who kills his mother. I will have to marvel at the acting of Shota Sometani playing the role of Izumi Shinichi; just like the anime, he portrays the scared and confused Shinichi nicely but his character starts leaving its impression from the time A-kun, in the body of his mother, tries to kill him (I will have to admit his acting at that point made me a little teary eyed). What came as a surprise to me was the character of Murano who was much….. much better than the anime version. I was waiting for the performance of Tamiya Ryouko, but I was not impressed of the acting of Eri Fukatsu in portraying her character. The live action has now piqued my interest for the second part and I will be writing its review as soon as I watch it.


Weakness: The weaknesses that I spot in the movie were mostly performance related:
1) The acting of Shota in portraying Shinichi was good, but only after he survives the attack. Before that, I was actually annoyed by his acting in playing the confused soul.
2) The one acting Tamiya Ryouko deeply disappointed me. The parasyte Tamiya from the anime series was the coolest character for me; emotionless at first but a feels trip in the end. However, in the live action, she was grinning, smiling and showing most of the emotions thus, losing the charm of the character.
3) The live action tried to accumulate most of the events from the anime into it by the second half, as a result, the slow but detailed storyline suddenly got all fast paced and somehow it made me a little confused of what was going on.

Best scene: I think all of you can guess it by now, it’s the heartbreaking scene where Shinichi gets attacked in the heart by none but his own mother. The things that he said of how he was sorry and how he tried his best to illusion himself that she is not a parasyte was incredibly sad.

Favourite character: Honestly, in the first part no one’s acting was that good except Shinichi. The other important character failed to achieve their heights. Even though Murano was portrayed better than the anime, Tamiya wasn’t that good. So obviously, my favourite character from the first part was Shinichi.

Rating: The subtitles that I got for the movie were bad af. It was the first time I came across such a bad subtitle, but even after that obstruction I found it good. That’s why I rate this movie 7 out of 10.

That’s all for this review. Have you watched this movie? What were your thoughts on it? Would you like to point out any more faults or plus? Let me know in the comments below!

PS: I have decided to watch some live action movies for a change of pace. If you have some that I could check out, be sure to tell me.

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