Spoilers: The Truth Hurts

In the last few years, that I have spent watching anime, I have come across a word that I don’t think I knew before and that word is ‘Spoilers’. Well I’m sure those of you who followed reviews of books and movies must have known this word, but I wasn’t that accustomed to read reviews until I started writing them. But now that I have known the meaning of this word, I can see why it has been hated by most of the people in this community.


If you are one of those peoples who, just like me, did not know the meaning of this word, let me ease your pain of going to Google and search it. There are some elements of a movie, game or books which act as a twist in the tale and must be known or figured out as one progresses in the story, now when someone tells or writes about those things and reveals the twist to someone who didn’t know that is called adding ‘Spoilers’ or spoiling their fun in normal words. Well, I have heard many mixed opinions about this 7 letter words, while some say they don’t mind them while others started ranting about how they tortured the guy to death who once spoiled her……. but let’s not talk about those experience for privacy’s sake. So today, I have decided to write about what I think too.

Personally, I don’t dislike spoilers. While I do understand that there are some things that should be revealed as the story gradually progresses, I’m always up for an offer to know about those things which may spoil the fun of finding it out gradually. I’m one of those guys who, before watching an anime, read about all the things that will happen in it from Wikipedia and then, decide whether or not I should watch that anime. Well there are also times when I don’t read the detailed explanation of an anime, but that doesn’t means that I give up because just after I download the series, I skip to the last episode after watching 2 or 3 episodes and then I wonder if it’s worth it. However, I do avoid reading the detailed explanation of the episodes of a mystery or detective story, but that being said, I watched the last episode of Death Note after I finished the 5th episode, so I don’t think the thing I said before counts.

Anyway, now that I’m freely talking about my unusual behaviour, let me tell you one of my twisted reasoning behind all those things I do. I read or watch the end of a story before even knowing the story that deeply because when I actually do start watching it and the storyline starts getting together and the ending starts to make sense, I feel like God (That’s twisted af) I mean, if someone’s gonna die and they don’t know, I just sit back and grin saying, “Life has something else in store for you, MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” My evil laugh makes my neighbours rage but who cares about them, I’m gonna laugh like Yu Otosaki when he misused his powers MUAHAHAHHAHAHA……. I think that’s enough Evil laugh for one day (._.)


I first found out how others react to spoilers when I told my best friend, who just started liking Naruto Shippuden, *SPOILER ALERT* how Jiraya dies fighting an orange haired villain in 6th season J Well of course he thrashed the life out of me, but it was worth it! Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t like spoiling others, unless it’s my best friend, but I’m always up for spoilers.

So that’s all that I can say about spoilers and how I react to them. I hope you enjoyed my little account of twisted behaviours. How do you react to spoilers? Do you have some twisted behaviours while watching anime? Be sure to tell them in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Spoilers: The Truth Hurts”

  1. I’m exactly like you….. More often than not, I search everywhere for spoilers, and I do that when I feel I don’t like where the story is going. And neither can I make a ” review ” without talking about the plotline and character development. And to me, it’s silly to get mad at spoilers of mangas/and animes that have ended ,like 3 years ago. It’s like not giving the spoiler that Harry Potter lives , at this time.

    But each to his /her own quirk. Readers have a choice not to read a review with spoilers. I always warn readers it’s a spoilers galore.

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    1. Exactly my point, what’s the point in avoiding spoilers if you are going to come across those once in a while in social media or stuff. I almost knew the plot of Naruto and AOT before I even started watching it, thanks to their fans in Facebook. Maybe that’s the reason that I’ve turned into this spoiler hunting guy.

      As for the reviews, at least you warn the readers, I almost stopped writing reviews because after I learnt about spoilers and how it should be warned about before, I found that my reviews are full of them and they don’t have any kind of warnings. But now my reviews have been kind of spoiler free…….. I guess.

      Thanks for reading!

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  2. Personally, I despise spoilers, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with someone who would like to know what will happen in a story or show before they get to reading/watching it for themselves. I don’t want to experience that and try to avoid “spoilers” at all costs. But to each his own. I never thought about watching the last episode in an anime and then watching the series from the beginning and getting to evil laugh the entire way through because I know what’s going to happen. I actually think that’s a GENIUS idea! Any chance to evil laugh and scare people with maniacal laughter is good in my books lol. I think I’m going to try this in the future, probably only once, and on an anime that’s really short. This was a really great, thought provoking post.

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    1. Spoilers always had mixed views, while some despise it, some search for them, but as you said it really depends upon the personality of an individual.
      My idea is gaining popularity lol, well if you want to try doing that evil laugh test, try to do it with a book ot series that doesn’t has a huge amount of mental tension in it and do not try it on a great detective series like Death Note…. coz you will ruin it like I did XD

      Thanks for sharing your views!

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