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30 Days Of Anime Challenge (Post 1)

Hey there everyone! My exams are finally over and now I have a lot of time in my hand which I had no idea how to spend even a few minutes before, but now I decided to complete something that I have seen a lot of Anime related blogger do; I will be doing the “30 Day of Anime Challenge” I was wondering to do it for a really long time but I never had the chance to, but now that I have it, let’s start this challenge right away!

The First Anime You Ever Watched:

Well this question doesn’t specify if it means an anime series or movie, so I guess I will write about both of them. In one of my previous blogs, I have written about the anime I have watched during my early interaction with this media. (If you haven’t read it, Click here)


The first anime that I watched was ‘5 cm per second’ and it was actually one of the main reasons why I got so hooked up on anime. At that time, it was the best story that I have read or seen in my whole life. Maybe my early teen heart was so shaken from the romantic love plot that I started searching for more anime movies of romance or tragic genre and I found some other excellent works like ‘Spirited Away’, ‘The Girl Who Leapt Through Time’ and ‘Graveyard of The Fireflies’. That movie was the greatest turning point in my life leading me to the glorious world of Anime.


During my hunt of new anime movies to watch, I would occasionally run into certain anime which when I wanted to download would have a size double or triple the one I was downloading (Approximately 2-3 GB) I was intimidated by the posters and synopsis so I decided to check one of them out which sounded and looked cooler than the others, and that anime was ‘Death Note’. I consider myself lucky to start of my first anime series with something so powerful and unique (I know some sorry guys whose first were Boku no Pico ‘-‘) Death note was an awesome crime thriller, so awesome that I actually dropped the idea of watching anime from that genre as none of them were as cool and exciting as this ‘King of Detective Anime’. But well, I really hope that someday there will be an anime in the detective-mystery genre which will be able to beat ‘Death Note’.

So with that note, the first day of this anime challenge comes to an end. I hope you like it and I will do my best to continue and complete this challenge. Thanks for reading!

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