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30 Days Of Anime Challenge (Post 2)

It’s finally a new day and it’s time for the Day 2 of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Today’s question maybe isn’t that hard for most of the bloggers who have attempted this challenge, but for me it is a really tricky question; what’s the question? Let’s check it out!

Favorite Male Anime Character:

Here’s one fact about me, I have never really admired an anime character that much to call him/her my favorite. But I do have to admit there have been some characters that have really been inspirational. On doing much thinking, the list have been shortened to only two characters, maybe these are the one who are eligible to be called as my ‘favorite’.


First up on the list is Hikigaya Hachiman from ‘Oregairu’. Well most of the people on the anime community loved this little series for the ‘Relatable’ storyline and the male lead that has proved how life really is for a high schooler. Even though the story is slightly hinting to bend into some sort of harem, I will be glad if they stick to their original plan. Hachiman is probably the best philosopher in the history of anime, his deductions and way of thinking may prove to be wild and self-sacrificing, we are magically made to respect his decision in time. This is one of the reasons for him being one of my favorite male lead.


After Hachiman, we have a name which may also seem to be mainstream, but that doesn’t matters because when you have a character with the looks and intelligence like Light Yagami, there is no way that you could overlook his presence with any other character (Totally my opinion). What I really like about Light isn’t his looks or intelligence, (Which, however, is some of the really good points too) it’s his madness and evil craze that has made me crazy. I mean, I haven’t seen many action or thriller anime but he is really someone whom you couldn’t help but support. At first, the reasoning he gave for using the Death Note was appreciated but even when he went astray from his path I still couldn’t stop wishing him luck and prayed for to succeed in his venture (That prayer wasn’t heard by the creator but meh….. he is still awesome).

And with that, the second day of this challenge also comes to an end. Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you guys on my next post. Now if you will excuse me I have to eat something, I guess I will take a potato chip………. AND EAT IT!

9 thoughts on “30 Days Of Anime Challenge (Post 2)”

  1. Hachiman is definitely one of my favourite characters. I just love listening to his reasoning and justifications for his attitude. The fact that he is aware his behaviour is self-destructive but rationalises it anyway just works so well.

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  2. Yay! Another anime challenge is underway! Good luck! I was the worst at this… It took me months but I finally finished! Light is def a pretty awesome character. You really don’t want him to get caught because you want the mindgames to continue!

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    1. Let’s hope that I get to finish this challenge without much of a problem then lol.
      I am so hung up on Light that sometimes I wish that there is a continuation of Death Note where he somehow manages to live and continue the war. But at the same time, I think it’s best to leave the masterpiece alone and grieve over the end of such an awesome series. Thanks for reading!

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  3. Gotta say I loved Light for the same reason…well I also loved his intelligence and his looks didn’t hurt, but it was his madness that kept me captivated (your last line had me cracking up! 😂). I haven’t seen Oregairu yet, but will now be checking it out soon 🙂

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    1. Light will always remain a famous and adored character for most of the people in this community.
      I’m glad my joke was able to provide some comedic relief at least to some people XD
      I urge you to watch Oregairu, it’s an awesome anime. Even though the series is in need of the concluding 3rd season, it’s still okay to start watching it now.

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