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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 3)

Hola minna! It’s Ryuji with the third post of the ’30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Today’s question is almost the same as last day’s except with a small change and I’m really excited to answer this one. So without any further delay, let’s get on with it!

Favorite Female Anime Character:

This is the first post where there is a single answer. I said before that there are not many characters who I admire that much to call my favorite; however, I realized that that condition only applied to male characters (#NoGenderEquality). There are almost a bunch of female characters that I respect and admire, but today there will only be one winner and that character is from a series which is not as mainstream as series like ‘How to be a pirate’, ‘How to be a shinigami’, ‘How to be a ninja’ and ‘How to yell you’re a** off for power’ (Totally not aiming at any long mainstream anime *Innocent Smile*)


My favorite Female anime character is Holo from ‘Spice and Wolf’. As I said before, there are not many people out there who have watched this amazing show (Even though it won’t be getting a 3rd season), but if you have seen it then you will have the idea of what I am trying to say. Holo is a wolf deity who joins hands with Laurence, a peddler, to reach her home in the North. While they are on their way, she along with Laurence encounters many business related hurdles, but thanks to the combined brain of these two, they always manage to escape the situation without any hitch. Holo is a good example of the fact that women can be strong too and not just in physical strength, which has been portrayed by her awesome wolf transformation, but also in brains. She is the perfect mix of brains, beauty and seductiveness and I will have to admit if there is anything that keeps us from stopping to watch the series is the pure intimacy that Holo puts off, hats off to the creator if this beautiful female character.

And with that, I conclude the third post for this challenge. The questions are getting interesting and there are lots to come. Thanks for reading!

PS: Sorry for not posting yesterday, my net was down and it was almost impossible to do anything. Sorry again.

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