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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 4)

What’s up everybody and welcome to the 4th post of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. I wasn’t able to post the 3rd answer on the 3rd day, thanks to the unbelievably slow net, but since it looks fine today, I have decided to post these two on one day (I hope it’s not against any rules @-@) So, let’s not waste any time (As my net can go off any minute) and get right into it!

Today’s question is a pretty simple yet hard question to answer. It’s something that almost everyone who watches anime must have asked to a fellow anime lover at least once in his/her life and that question is ‘What’s your favourite anime?’ I said this is simple because it is simple (Best answer ever) and I said it’s hard because no matter how much you love a single anime, it always kinda makes you feel as if you betrayed the other anime you watched (Please don’t tell me that’s only me ;-;) Well, it’s been a while since I have been watching anime, but I think the answer to this little question has always been the same for me; I have always loved ‘Toradora!’


Toradora is such a heartwarming anime. I have always loved the simple yet complex storyline of this cute and touching story. It may seem a little bit clichéd with the entire love triangle and falling for the setter thing, but you have got to admit, the chemistry between the main couple is amazing. Taiga and Ryuji’s relation grows from stranger to accomplices to friends and then finally to lovers, and that development is filled with some hilarious and serious moments. And I hope we are definitely not gonna forget about the kiss, God that was a good kiss! Not to mention the contribution of Kawashima Ami, Kushieda Minorin and Kitamura Yusuke who make this slice of life genre romance comedy even more fun. To be honest, I always get the feeling of watching this anime whenever I see the opening song ‘Pre Parade’; the moment in the opening where all of them are just walking while the title flashes at behind makes me all emotional and forces me to watch the series again. (Yeah, I am messed up) If you didn’t like it, then its ok I won’t judge you and if you haven’t watched it then please do, as soon as possible.


And thus, I’m gonna conclude my post for the 4th Day of this challenge. Don’t forget to leave which is your favorite anime in the comment section below. Thank you all for reading!

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