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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 5)

Heyyo! It’s Ryuji with the 5th post of the 30 Days of Anime Challenge. Slowly, I’ve realized why this post is said to be a challenge. As the numbers of days are increasing, it’s become hard to keep on posting. But now that I have the time, let’s not waste a single moment and get on with the main topic!

Anime You Are Ashamed Of Enjoying:

I consider today’s question quite insensitive for anime viewers like us. No anime should ever be cursed or blamed by anyone because the creators actually put a lot of effort to present us with that work. (Of course I have some universal exceptions too, Boku no pico and Mars of Destruction. DON’T YOU DARE WATCH THEM; YOU WILL BE TORTURED TO DEATH!!) However, the anime I am going to talk about today is different because I am ashamed that I ‘Enjoyed’ it. (Which was not the case in the above two anime)


The answer of this question will be ‘Letter Bee’. If you guys know me, Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee) was one of those anime which were the reason that I got to know what anime actually is. I had a hard time finding the series and I enjoyed both of its seasons. It had an unusual charm to it; a magical and really beautiful supernatural touch which I never saw before. But, looking back, I am ashamed of liking it because of the fact that it was not able to answer all those questions which were raised in the first season. The second season is just an illusion that makes you feel satisfied at first, but if you take a long look at it overall, you feel cheated. Many answers, many mysteries, many ships which were aspired were totally trashed and the anime was ended with a note which made sure that there will be no continuation. For me, this anime just reflects on how much of a novice I was before and how have I grown in these past years.

And with that, I’m gonna end this short post to answer an insensitive question. Be sure to share your views about my answer and tell us what your answer would have been to this question. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 5)”

  1. I’m not relaly ashamed of anything I’ve enjoyed and I did enjoy Tegami Bachi. It’s so cute (though the character names are a little silly). Yeah, the payoff isn’t really worth it but I just loved watching the characters in that one. It was hard to find on DVD but I finally managed to get both parts.

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    1. Well technically I’m not ‘Ashamed’ of watching that anime but it’s more like, I’m disappointed (I had to write something as an answer to that question). But yeah, the characters really were cute and interesting, if only there were a continuation to answer the neglected questions, maybe this anime would be one of my favourites. Thanks for reading!

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