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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 6)

Yo minna! A day has passed since I posted my last answer to the question asked to me according to the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. I am excited to write more, you guys are excited to read them (I hope) and the internet is excited to provide you with my posts! (Actually no, the internet doesn’t gives a s**t to what I write K) Since everyone is excited, let’s get on with the post right away!!

Anime You Want To Watch But Haven’t Been Able To:

Today’s question actually kind of hurts me QoQ. It made me remember about my inability to watch a certain anime series which I have been wanting to watch for many years. Yes, the question for today is ‘Which is the anime that you want to watch but haven’t yet’. Remember the fact that I am a comedy and romance lover, so let’s take a moment to guess which the anime I haven’t watched yet is. Close your eyes, make a wild guess…… Done? Excellent, now let’s see what the answer is!


The answer to the sad but true question is an anime which has been the king of comedy series for a long time and that anime is ‘Gintama’. This anime is like one of those series that you have to watch or else you just don’t deserve to be called as a ‘Comedy anime lover’. It’s like saying that you love anime even though you have no idea what ‘Naruto’, ‘DBZ’ and ‘One Piece’ is. QoQ B-But I have my reasons too ;-;. The Gintama series is like 64 GB in size and I can’t download a series that big at once (I am not a huge data downloader). Now you must be thinking that why don’t I watch it online, well that’s because I rage like crazy when a video that I am really into suddenly buffers. (I once broke a mirror by punching it because the video I was watching suddenly buffered……… yeah, I am messed up) But don’t worry, my anime life has just started and I am sure I will watch it someday for sure……. I hope.

On that note, let’s put an end to the 6th post of this challenge. Let me know your views about this question and my answer to it. Thank you all for reading!

9 thoughts on “30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 6)”

  1. I’m currently working through one of the anime I had always wanted to watch but never got around to, Hunter x Hunter. There’s a few others on my list that I’m hoping to get to this year such as Durarara (which I started and dropped a long time ago but always meant to get back to) but if I can get through Hunter x Hunter I’ll be pretty happy.
    I really enjoyed the first season of Gintama but never continue on because I”m not big on comedy and I felt at that point I’d taken about as much of the humour from Gintama as I could deal with. Still, it made me laugh out loud so many times during its first season that I really get why this comes up as a favourite anime of so many people.

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    1. I also haven’t watched Hunter x Hunter and seeing the no. of fans that anime has, I might also try to see it one day (Even though I’m not a big fan of action). I hope you finish this anime and also go back to watch Durarara (I didn’t actually liked it though).

      Seeing your comment on that anime has now piqued my interest of watching that anime to a new height! Well most of the comedy anime have no basic storyline and they just continue to drift away to somewhere we have no idea about, but I actually find that interesting sometimes. I’m now even more eager to watch it and this time, I’m sure to do it!

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      1. I think I liked Gintama because of the massive number of references it makes to other anime, films, everything else, plus it just kind of nails being just crazy enough to be funny without being stupid. Hopefully you enjoy it when you get the chance.

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  2. That manga/ anime has been on my list for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.
    Any others? I mean, my to watch list has more than my watched list… You must have at least three. Right? Please tell me I’m not the only one with the super long list….

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    1. Lol yes of course, the list doesn’t ends there. I just mentioned the one I REALLY wanna watch.

      Hmm… let’s see… Well I want to watch ‘Revolutionary girl Utena’, ‘His and Her circumstances’, ‘Bokura ga ita’, ‘Ghost in the shell’, ‘Plastic memories’, ‘Chobits’, ‘Nana’, ‘Ai yori Aoshi’, ‘Ace of Diamond’, ‘Baby steps’

      I just realised…. I have a lot :O

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