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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 9)

Hey there everybody! It’s been almost 5 days since I last wrote my last post and I am deeply sorry for the delay. I know that some of you have been following this segment and I’m happy for that. That’s why, today, when I got some time, I’m here to answer another question asked in the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’.

Best Anime Villain:

Today’s question is something that is really easy or exciting to answer for someone who is a huge fan of action or thriller anime. However, for someone who has always followed RomCom anime series, the answers get limited to the mainstream anime. That’s why the answer for today’s question comes from maybe a really popular anime ‘Naruto’. Guess which character I am talking about?


The character I’m gonna write about is mostly responsible for triggering some key events in the series. For me the winner of today’s question is Orochimaru. I think that he has that aura that most of the negative role players of a story needs. He is mean, he didn’t have some really depressing past that could justify his motives; he is simply pure evil. Orochimaru doesn’t has incredible intelligence like Light but he can be rightly said a shrewd mad scientist. At times, his thirst to take control of other’s body gives me chills. (I’m starting to become his fan while writing this)

If this gc doesn’t freak you out…. I got some bad news for ya, m8

And that sums up another post for the 30 days of anime challenge. Once again, I apologise for not posting often. I was busy for taking over Sasuke’s body K (God help me, I can’t stop making these bad jokes)

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