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30 Days of Anime (Post 10)

It’s finally the 10th post!! *Throws flower petals* Geez… it took me 16 days to reach this post -_-. Anyway, I was really excited to answer the question of my 10th post but ironically, the answer to today’s question was something that is NOT my opinion. Yes, you heard it right. The question asked for something which I have avoided ever since I started watching anime, what is that question? Let’s find out!

Best Mecha Anime You Ever Watched:

The question for today is ‘Which is the best mecha anime you have ever watched?’ I remember Anime Indian Philosopher once wrote about the Mecha genre and tried to find out the reason for its lacking popularity and it’s growing hatred in the recent decades. (Check out that post here) While the reasons that he coined were totally understandable, for me, I hate it because of, first, it’s nearly impossible to pronounce names for things, and second, because of its habit of making things complex for no reason. (I could go on ranting for more but I have a question to answer)

The only mecha anime that I watched was ‘Guilty Crown’ and knowing that fact that I was guilty of even considering to watch that train wreck, I couldn’t possibly make it the winner of this segment by default, that’s why I went on to ask some of my trusted friends about this and the one that came out as winner was the anime which was mentioned by almost all of them (Except one who said Guilty crown -.-) And that one anime is ‘Code Geass’.


(I initially used to call that anime ‘Code Grease’ for some stupid af reasons) My friends also mentioned some famous anime of the good ol’ days belonging to this genre but the reason they voted for Code Geass for this question was because of the antagonist, Lelouch Lamperouge (Remember the fact about complex names? I’m not even sure if my spelling is right) I have heard about that guy ever since I watched Death Note because every time there was some contest as who is better between Light and Lelouch, the latter always used to give him a tough fight. On hearing the description of how cool and “Fabulous” (Actual quote) he is, it really made me eager to watch this anime. While there has been some debate about its initiative to create a 3rd season even after they seem to have ended the show perfectly, I personally would like to keep the criticism for later after I watch this anime.

And with that, I would like to end the post for today’s question of the 30 Days of Anime Challenge. Thank you all for reading and I’ll see you guys again when I post my answer for the next question!

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