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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 12)

Heyya my fellow otakus, its Ryuji; presenting you with my attempt to conquer the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’! Even though the occasion is happy, today we will be talking about some sad stuff. Even though most of the post of this challenge has spoilers, Today’s post has quite main spoilers, if you don’t want to spoil the fun of your favorite sad anime then stop reading this. You have been warned.

Saddest Scene In An Anime:

I usually try to avoid sad anime series, that’s because I get mad and depressed af when my dreams of a successful ship or a good ending gets trampled on. Even though I do admit that these series usually produce some quality story, and that’s the reason that today, I will be talking about 3 anime series who were able to make me cry and earned the title of ‘The Saddest Anime for me’.


First up, we have the last scene from ‘Ano Hana’. You see, in this series, it wasn’t the story that made me cry, it was the BGM that was going on while everyone read the letter which was left by Menma to them which did the job. There’s no doubt that the scene was sad, but if that BGM wasn’t playing, I probably wouldn’t have shed tears. I urge you to complete the series and don’t let it go if you think it’s slow because the end moments are worth it! (If you would like to hear the BGM then click here)


Second in the list, we have a scene from the series which, if you haven’t even shed a single tear to, then I think you are no longer human; yes, I am talking about ‘Clannad’(Season 1 and 2). Like seriously, how can you not cry while watching this series? Sometimes I feel as if the creator was a huge sadist who just wanted us to die crying. Well, I’m not saying all sad scenes are tear jerking, but for me, I lost the control on my tears when, in Clannad: After story, Ushio was crying in the field and told his dad that she wasn’t crying because she lost her toy but because it was the first gift she ever got from her dad. GOD, YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO DO THAT!!! I also cried when Ushio died in the end episodes, I was seriously crying and banged my head to the desk because I wanted Tomoya to die too; He had suffered enough 😥


At last, we have some scenes from ‘Your Lie in April’. We all kind of had an idea that Kaori is going to die (WHY?????????????), but it didn’t hit me hard enough. Maybe, somewhere in my mind I was hoping that she won’t die. But when the creator made sure that we cry out eyes off, by showing Kaori and Kousei share the stage together, which Kaori promised to do (Even though she is dead!! WHY??????) *Sob* And no no, the creator didn’t stop there, they just had to go and make Kaori write a letter to Kousei explaining everything. I literally went to a withdrawal syndrome when the anime ended, I was too shocked and depressed over losing Kaori. *Cries bitterly*

*Wipes my tears* And that ends this sad af segment. *Wipes nose* Be sure to share your sad anime series so that I can check them out and cry even more. *Sniff* Thanks for reading this post…… Now, excuse me.
*Lies down*
*Tries not to cry*
*Cries a lot*

4 thoughts on “30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 12)”

    1. Yes, I agree with the fact that there is already enough sadness in this world. However, I would urge you to watch the series I mentioned, even though I maybe spoiled the fun. That’s because I believe that they are really epic works which, if you are a true fan of anime, you should definitely check out. Also, could you even cherish your happy moments if there were no sadness in this world?

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