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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 13)

Sup everyone; it’s your boi Ryuji! (Probably not the best intro) Welcome to another post of the 30 Days of Anime Challenge. I had to do a lot of research for today’s post and I had to have a chat with myself, to figure out what I was. And that’s why I’m pretty excited about showing you this post, so without any further delay; let’s get into the post already!

An Anime Character You Can Relate To The Most:

I believe I have said this before that I have never ever been able to relate to a character in all these years. Yes, there are one or two qualities which kind of make me think that he/she is like me in some sense, but totally relatable character? No, sir. That’s why I had to go through all of the series in my laptop to find someone who has at least more than one quality like me. In the end, I was able to find two characters, which, if combined together might be able to create ‘Half-Ryuji’. Who are these characters? Let’s see.


Firstly, we have Yuuji from ‘Baka and Test summon the best’. Well, the series was just average in my view and I didn’t really enjoyed the comedy jabs; but I have to admit that I found Yuuji somewhat relatable. He was portrayed to be an idiot but in the end, he was revealed to be smart, he delivered some pretty awesome pervy comedic jabs with Akihisa and the best thing about him, he doesn’t gives a f**k about what’s going on in most cases. There’s not anything exceptionally relatable with Yuuji, but I guess the last attribute is a major part that defines me.


Moving on, we have an interesting character from ‘Kuroko no Basuke’. He’s the captain of Toho Academy, Shouichi Imayoshi. What I can relate to with him is his habit of keeping a smiling face in all situations, but deep down, inside, he’s a menacing sadist ready to take revenge. If I can define myself in 4 points, it would be Sadist, Ignorant in some cases, Vengeful and Straightforward. It really made me happy when I was able to find my sadistic and vengeful side in Shouichi topped with my habit of smiling every time. (I kind of enjoyed finding myself in Anime)

And that sums up my post for this segment of the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Be sure to tell me which anime character defines you, and did you have to think a while for it or not? Thanks for reading!

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