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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 16)

Bonojour! It’s Ryuji Tatsuya. (I didn’t use the French word for everyone because I don’t know it K) Today’s second post is about something that is maybe the main reason that most of us are following anime right now. What is it? Let’s check out!

Anime With The Best Animation:

The anime with the best animation; whenever we write a review, there’s a small space where we rate the animation or art style of an anime, because it’s a really important aspect of anime. Today I’ll be talking of about two anime movie, both from the same creator, which was able to enthral me with its excellent animation. (I kind of have this feeling that you can already guess who it is)

I’ll be betting that at least 60% of the readers will be able to say the name of the creator on my mind; yes, it’s no one other than the great Makoto Shinkai. His works ‘The Garden of words’ and ‘5 cm per second’ was just so beautiful that I can’t mention any other anime for this segment. (Don’t get me wrong there might be some anime series with really good animation too, but knowing Shinakai Makoto, even his poop would look good).


Kotonoha no niwa’ was such an amazing piece of art. For someone who is a rain lover, like me, this movie is an absolute treat to the eyes. The sound of the falling raindrops and the flowing water, the graphical representation of the rain and of course, the characters were so amazing that at one point you feel like this is something created in heaven. I didn’t actually like the story that much compared to the next work I’m gonna mention, but animation and art style? 1000/100.


Coming up next, we have an epic movie ‘5 cm per seconds’. Where should I even begin with to tell you how amazing this movie is! Shinakai Makoto aced the story, aced the portrayal of characters, aced the implementation of the song ‘One more time, one more chance’ and of course he excelled in the art style. If there was just mediocre animation for this movie, then maybe it would have been one of those works whose hype just remained for a couple of months. But no, what he did made this movie, one of the best movies of Shinkai Makoto and as well as the rest of the anime industry. (Sometimes I think that even ‘Boku no pico’ would have become a legend if Makoto Shinkai made it)

And with that note, I’m gonna end this segment for anime with the best animation. Be sure to tell me which anime, according to you, has the best animation. Thanks a lot for reading!


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 16)”

  1. Rain lover too, yes!
    Congrats you got halfway!

    It’s like every time I read your blog, I get a bunch of recommendations 🙂
    I’ve heard about those very often and watched a couple of scenes of 5cm per second too…
    Patema Inverted had great animations too! The background and scenery, particularly the night sky was beautiful. I love night time, *sigh*

    However, Chihayafuru also has good animation- not the scenery though. It’s one of the few anime with art almost as good as the manga. The hands in the anime are really pretty. (That sounds weird)
    The human animation was great but the backgrounds were more or less normal. They were good… just not extraordinary like Patema Inverted.

    Looking forward to more of the challenge!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rain lovers for the win! XD
      Thanks for your wishes~
      You should watch these movies, they are super duper awesome.
      Hmm, Patema Inverted? Never heard of it, but your description makes me quite eager to try them out, night sky is my favorite after rain.
      Chihayafuru has good art style when it comes to the portrayal of characters (I just love her big eyes) and the liquid flow of their hand during the play was pretty amazing too. But I don’t really like the blurriness that was used there, I thought it kinda killed the good art.
      Thank you so much for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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