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30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 17)

Hi there, everyone; It’s Ryuji Tatsuya with the ‘30 Days of Anime Challenge’. Before we start, I would say that the two posts for today will be quite ‘supporting’ to this challenge. (That was an extremely bad pun which you guys will get in a minute)

Best Male Supporting Character:

So, as I said before, supporting….. Get it? (I need to stop humiliating myself in front of others) Ahem! Supporting actors are actually pretty important element of a story. While sometimes they help in continuation of a main love plot or as helper in an action film, sometimes they are also there to apply a big plot twist to the story. Today, let’s talk about my favourite male supporting character.


The character I’m about to talk about today was maybe the best character of the series. Yes, my favourite male supporting character is Hiroto Suwa from ‘Orange’. To be honest, I didn’t find the lead characters in the same league as him. I personally believe that he should have been a main character. Yes, he cried too (Like everyone else in that anime *Sigh*) but at least, he didn’t cry for no reason. When Suwa sheds tear, it means shit just got serious. Apart from that, he was practical, he sacrificed his love for the sake of his friend, he had a leadership charm and the best thing about him; he was a bundle of positive energy. At times, I wonder why he wasn’t the protagonist.


And with that, I would like to end this segment for today’s challenge. Be sure to tell me who would you have chosen for today’s question. Thanks for reading!!



15 thoughts on “30 Days of Anime Challenge (Post 17)”

  1. Yes, he truly is the best, and it’s such a sad fate for him to sacrifice his future with the girl he loves. It’s worse as far as I’m concerned because I happen to always prefer the ” second guy”, aka supporting character. More often than not, they deserve more to be with the girl.

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    1. Yeah, I remember the discussion we had about Strobe Edge!
      I think the only exception I can think of right now to that is Fuwa Sho of Skip Beat…

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      1. I think it was Ao Haru Ride, not Strobe Edge. Touma was a better man than Kyo.

        Andou of Strobe Edge feels more like the main character, rather than Ren.

        Fuwa Sho….. what can I say about this guy ? He’s the worst.

        I don’t know if you’ve read Bokura ga Ita, but definitely the second guy is sooooo much better than the main guy. I really wanted to jump into the manga and slap the heck out of the main girl for choosing that jerk.

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        1. Yach! My bad! Gomen!
          Bokura ga ita…. I haven’t read it, no. Should I give it a try?
          And andou does feel like the main character doesn’t he?


          1. Bokura ga Ita…. This manga and Ao Haru Ride scarred me for life , he he. Anyways, if you feel like picking up a rock and hitting your own head with it, then that’s what it feels like reading Bokura ga Ita. LOL What the main guy did to the main girl in Bokura ga Ita is 100 times worse than what Futaba went through with Kyo. Totally heartbreaking.

            Yes, Anduo feels like the main guy because Ren acts like a zombie.

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              1. Is it that bad ? To me, it is. It ‘s totally depressing. The main guy is not redeemable, as far as I’m concerned, yet he gets a happy ending, and the other one gets thrown under the bus. But , sadly, that’s the story. I do like drama, but there should be some logic and realism in the story line. I guess the moral of the story is, love is blind.

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                  1. You can. I haven’t watched the anime, but they say, it’s a bit better than the manga. The manga has all the details, most of which have not been incorporated into the anime, and, BGI anime is a little empathetic towards the main guy.

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  2. I honestly don’t know who that is… I promise I’ll find out and get back.
    Until then these are the people who would be on my list, because one is too damn hard-
    Araki (Area no Kishi)
    Nishinoya Yuu
    Karma Akabane (Heck, he’s pretty much the main character!)
    Kuroo Tetsurou
    Muzaka and Frankenstien from Noblesse!


    1. Hahaha It’s ok… no need to rush into finding him. As for your list, I guess I’ll have to start searching for them because I only know Karma and Yuu kinda seems familiar….. even though I have no idea who that might be

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